Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pyramid in the Wind

With winter in full swing the fishing is slow but they are still biting. Christmas Eve morning had me waiting for the sun to warm the air before the traditional fishing trip got under way. By noon it had warmed to a pleasant 35* with winds so light that they almost beg you to go throw a fly. Got to the lake to find that, as usual, Pyramid had its own ideas of what the weather was going to do for us. We were greeted with a 15mph wind coming directly out of the east making casting close to impossible and cooling the temperatures down a few degrees. Started throwing a stack with a #2 purple woooly up front followed by an olive bugger in #4. Between the 30mph gusts we would get as many cast in as possible then revert back to throwing spoons when the wind kicked up. Chris was able to hook up with 2 smaller fish on spoons during the gusts of wind. Finally on the third calm set I was able to get my stack a ways out past the shelf, and on the third strip in got hit hard and was able to net a 21" Cutthroat.


This was our only fish to hand for the day. We put in another hour or so after that but with no gloves and the expectation for calm winds we just werent prepared to stick it out.

Between 1 and 8 fish per day should be the standard for Pyramid through the end of February when we should start seeing warmer days bring the fish up from there deep winter hideouts. For now a 2 bugger system should be the norm with an attractor up front followed by a more natural color.

Good Luck

- Brandon

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cold on Sunday

I went out east of town Sunday and it was cold! I fished from about 1pm to 4pm and when the ice was too much to break off my eyelets I decided to call it quits. I didn’t hook up with anything and lost a couple rigs on the bottom, but that’s where the fish are when it’s cold like that. Take your time and try to fish the slower deeper water. You’ll need to get your stack within a few inches of the fish’s nose so that means getting near the bottom. Be prepared to retie and bring plenty of small midges and mayflies… Last November I hooked up with a 27” brown on an olive slump buster, fished deep and slow… but it wasn’t as cold as it was last weekend. It looks like the high is going to be in mid 40’s for a while and this weekend it’s probably going to be pretty wet. The flows have been jumpy throughout the day but they’re not bad right now. Just fish low and slow…

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

East of Town

Kellen finally stuck it to the man on Friday, and 3 of us made a trip out East of Reno around 1 pm. Within minutes Kellen had a decent sized fish hooked, but the fish gave him the 'ol fisherman's release, and it was on to the next hole.

About an hour in, Duerr managed to land this piggy, and I was able to snap a few pics...

We primarily stuck to streamers. This fish was caught on a sculpin pattern, but we had hits on a Zonker as well. I considered throwing a nymph stack, but the windy conditions would have caused more line tangle than I wanted to deal with.

It's definitely that time of year, and the temperatures have dropped to winter levels. Mid-day will probably be your best bet, fishing small nymphs and big streamers.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This weekend looks to be one that might keep the masses off the lake. With rain in the forecast for the weekend we might anticipate fewer folks on the water. The cutts in Pyramid wake up when the weather turns to shit. My old man and uncle Mel hit Pyramid today and pulled in a productive morning. These old guys don't cast flies but their techniques elude to what we might try. 35 feet deep, green was the color of choice. I plan on showing a chartreuse / red crystal bugger followed by the trusty late night with John Voit (midnight cowboy). The report today came from areas south of the nets. This past weekend on my way back from chukar hunting in the black rocks I stopped by the creel station. The report was slow but a boat at the pyramid had a 30 fish day and a gent fishing south nets pulled in a 32in cutt. If the weather doesn't turn you to hunting water fowl, Pyramid might make your Saturday a good one on the water. Also, the Truckee east of town likes to flex big fish when the rain commits. We'll report back on Saturday evening with a wrap up. See you out there.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Pyramid opener

Most of us weren't able to make it out to Pyramid last week but we did this weekend. Kellen and I started at South Nets beach. We had planned on hitting the east side of the lake but the road is closed at this time because it is a soupy mess. First cast of the morning didn't come until about 8am but produced a healthy cutt on a midnight cowboy bugger. I fished the same bugger stack all day on my shooting head and managed to catch 4 and lost a couple others. All but one of mine came on the midnight cowboy, the other on a chartreuse bugger with black hackle / tail. We were hooking up in various water depths at different sections of the column. Shot dog beach was the most productive producing 3 fish and lost 2. With temps dipping down to the forties overnight, the fishing is only going to get better. We were in our pontoon boats doing OK and guys out in boats seemed to be having decent luck as well deeper down. Mixed reviews from folks fishing from shore. The creel station had indicated that a boat over at Anderson reported 9 fish with 5 hours fished and one boat had reported 6 fish from the needles. If you've got a tube, that's going to be your best bet to cover water and find fish. Look for the beaches with deeper water access, they are producing more reliably .




Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dude, wait, what?

This was a stupid busy summer and we didn't get out much at all. The few times we did get out left us with heads hung and very little to report. Fear not! Pyramid opened up last weekend but produced mixed reviews. Seems like there was limited success on flies but that is to be expected with the warm weather. This recent stint of cool weather is going to drop those surface temps and the fish are going to start gettin hungry. This weekend looks like an awesome opportunity to get out and get bit. This weekend, with the weather that came before it reminds me of one of the best pyramid openers (and days of fly fishing) I have ever had. We are going to take the toon boats to the far side and see what we can make happen. See you out there!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little Truckee - Labor Day

Finally got the opportunity to do some fishing yesterday. The last few months have been a bit hectic, and when I have made it out, I haven't had much luck. After checking the water flows, I decided that the Little Truckee would be my best bet. I figured the river probably had a lot of pressure over the weekend, but since I was fishing by myself, it was a much easier river to navigate.

I got up to the river around 6:45, and the fall air was in full force. I started just below Stampede, throwing a  nymph stack consisting of a Bead Head Copper John (18), a WD-40 (18), and a Red Zebra Midge (18) with a Green Ice Dub Collar and Black Tungsten Bead Head. For the first hour or so, I had to fight some ice build up in the eyelets, and even had to put on my gloves... it was chilly.

I worked my way down the river about a mile or so, without any luck, hitting various spots where I had seen fish holding previously. At about 10 am, I decided to work my way back up to the truck. I noticed a large PMD hatch between 10 and 10:30, and the hoppers were starting to show up as the temps got into the 70's, so I decided to tie on a Foam Hopper (Hoppicator size 12), with a Copper John and an Olive Zebra Midge dropper setup. Within about 10 minutes, I hooked and landed my first fish, a nice little rainbow around 10 - 12 inches.

I managed to false hook another smaller rainbow about 10 minutes later, but he gave me the fisherman's release and headed back to the depths. 

The Little Truckee is in really good shape right now with flows around 220 CFS. Be sure to have plenty of small nymphs, and some PMD's in the size 18 - 22 range. I noticed some surface action before noon, but I think surface feeding picks up when the shadows hit the river. 

Here are a couple of pics of the river, to give you an idea of the conditions:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Knott Creek Reservoir

This past week my dad and I headed up to the Pine Forest range just south of the nevada/oregon boarder to hunt my antelope archery tag. The number one lesson learned from this hunt. Don't camp on a good fly fishing lake when you're supposed to be puttin on miles up in the hills chasin antelope. We arrived late Saturday night and I felt that a few beers were in order. The next day those beers stuck with me and my desire to go hike in the heat was about zero. Instead, on day one, I sat around camp and tied up flies to match the dense damselfly hatch. While the fish were surfacing all day here and there, throwing dries had minimal results. This is one of those lakes that people will talk about dry fly action all day long. Unfortunately we were there when the lake was turning over and it just about killed good top water fishing. Sunday evening was the first time I got out on the water and the reports from other guys floating the lake weren't all that good. I don't know if luck was on my side but that night landed about 10 fish in 2 hours, lost about as many and missed about as many strikes. Stripping a Midnight cowboy wooly bugger off the shooting head was hot. This tactic was pretty much the name of the game the whole trip. The last two hours of the day, fishing was good. I would go out and hunt then return to get on the water by 6 and fish til about 8 or 8:30. There was an old gent out there by the name of John Evans who was having some luck on a brown bugger as well but started to favor that midnight cowboy once he learned of it. Here are some photos of the fish!

This guy dropped by while I was tieing in camp. Had to take a pic.

Knott Creek May Fly

Here's an example of the standard size of the fish at Knott Creek res. This one's a cuttbow.
Knott Creek cuttbow

And a nice tiger trout
Knott Creek Tiger

Here's a nice rainbow
Knott Creek Rainbow

This was the big fish of the trip. 5lb Rainbow.
Knott Creek Rainbow

And from another angle just for good measure
Knott Creek Rainbow

Knott creek res is one of those lakes that, at this time, doesnt produce 10lb fish but you can go out there and catch 16 to 20inch fish until your arms fall off. Just bring some gas because its no short drive. Quickest way still covers about 115 miles on dirt roads. Good dirt roads, but dirt roads none the less.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bath water

Friday night we headed east of town to see what the Truckee was fishing like. Got on the water at about 6pm and felt like i was in a jacuzzi. The water was pretty warm even in the faster runs. There was a little surface action in the deep pools but not near enough to key in on what was on the menu. Dropped nymphs down deep, pulled streamers through and no luck. We are planning on a night were we show up around 10pm and see what the bite is like in the moon light. Those big pigs go rambo status and enjoy meals they cant see. Another trip out with no pictures or fish! The bite is tough with the high temps. Get out early or get out late. Befor the water heats up, or after it cools down.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer standards

Thomas and I made our way up near the town of Truckee this weekend to fish that section of the Truckee River. We didnt get on the water until about 8am and didnt really have any action until around 11am. The insect action was minimal though we did see some surface action happening in a nice deep tailout section. Tom took off around noon and I must have thrown flies to one feeding fish for 2 and half hours. I managed to get him to take 3 times but each hook set produced that whistling WHIFF sound and no fish. Earlier in the day my stack consisted of a Burke's bottom roller followed by BH Prince, followed by a green drake pattern I had tied up the night prior. No luck! Fished pocket water, some deeper runs, nothin. swung a belly ache minnow pattern throw some of the deeper runs as well with no love. Once we came to the deep tailout section Tom noticed some legit surface feeding. After throwing a multitude of flies, they seemed to prefer the little yellow stone pattern the best. I was using a custom pattern that I will put on in our flies section here shortly. By the time 2:30 rolled around, the rafting traffic had become more annoying than I cared to put up with so I retired and went home to sit in the AC and have a few hundred beers.

The main lessons learned from this outting: Get out there early, rise before the sun and get on the water asap. Conversly, sleep in. Get some chores done, tie up some caddis and stone patterns and head out for the evening bite. The raft rats and tube traffic will be spookin the fish in the warmer part of the day. Pretty much the standard for the summer.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beautiful Morning on the River

The weather is heating up and so is the fishing! Although the action was a bit slow for us in the beginning it was a promising sign of things to come. I took our friends Dan and Chris with me east of town in the hopes to get on an evening caddis bite on Saturday evening. As is usually the case in our state my efforts were trumped by a 15mph wind leading to some not so effective dry fly fishing conditions. Chris did miss a massive strike that created a wake with his line shortly before stealing his fly... Im calling carp on this one. Saturday morning we woke to much more favorable conditions with no wind and air temperatures in the upper 50s. After some coffee and a short drive to the west side of town we began fishing. Within 15 minutes the first fish was in the net, a cute little 12" hatchery rainbow, and a few minutes after that Chris landed a strong 16" Whitefish. We then made our way to another spot in town that I have been meaning to try. Immediately Chris caught another small rainbow followed by Dan losing 2 fish(which is usually the case because he concentrates most of his efforts on artistic photography instead of fishing but we'll save that for another post). Shortly after art-boy lost his 2 fish i hooked into a very nice brown in the 20-22" range. After a 2 minute fight and some very strong runs the hook worked its way out and i was subsequently a very sad boy. We did try one other spot but hunger got the best of us and it was off to Jimmy Johns. As far as bugs go it looks like most of the Green Drakes on this side of the state line have hatched during the high water period but you should still find some good GD dry action in the upper sections of the river. I was seeing a ton of Little Yellow Stone casings on the rocks so I imagine the evenings are a good mix of LYS and Caddis. Our fish came on a variety of flies including a Hotwire Prince nymph, zebra midge and Burkes Bottom Rollers. See you out there this weekend.

Friday, July 9, 2010

And the livin's easy

Summer time, and while the livin may not be easy for us working class folks, the Truckee is settling in to its summer time comfort zone. Flows are down in the 400's from Reno down to Derby and polishing out nicely west of town. Below Derby, they are as steady as you will find em on the Truckee. If you want to head east of town, bring your caddis box. West of town, the golden stones will be doing their thing up in the sierras. We are going to be all over the river this weekend and hope to bring some good reports come Monday. See you out there! Brandon advises that you lead your stack with a Burke's Bottom Roller.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Home at last

The waters of the Humptulips flow as clear as Lake Tahoe, home to salmon, steelhead, resident trout and yokels. I was lucky enough to fish the crystal clear river two times, in two totally different conditions. The first came late on a sunny June afternoon for a very short period. The river was like nothing I have ever seen before. If I could see a foot below the surface I could see a mile. The river drops off quick to the channel holding what I only hoped would be a treasure of massive steelhead and trophy rainbows. The let down was that there were no massive steelhead but only a couple of small rainbows biding their time to make the sojourn the sea to become chrome. The second condition, the day after. The finicky coastal weather brought rain that only served to bring the flows up but didn't dirty the river at all. We launched the drift boat just below the 101 bridge above the hatchery. This was my first time in a boat on a river. The locals say the river is low but to a guy from Nevada, this river is flowing like nothing I've yet seen, and still, crystal clear. We made our way down stream a couple of miles with no fish, no takes, not even a sighting but the trip was a success. I was able to fish water like nothing in our area. Some of the most amazing habitat I have ever laid my eyes on, those bait chuckin red necks are truly lucky. For what it's worth, we spent a morning floating on water as clear as glass with no fish in it. This was one of those days that helps you realize that, while we are addicted to the bite and the fight, we live for the feeling that only comes from being on the river.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as Cherish and I enjoyed taking them.

A small rainbow in the Humptulips. In a few years, he'll return as a steelhead to spawn chrome.

Most folks were stuck working.


Nothing beats the feeling of showing up to a river you don't know, and catching fish.

Monday, June 28, 2010

10 Years to Milton

10 years ago in High School a friend and I made our way to Milton Reservoir just west of Jackson Meadows Res. on the middle fork of the Yuba. My friend caught a pretty nice brown back then in the spill way of the dam and I’d not made it back until this past Sunday. I took my wife, daughter and sister out there for a day of sitting on the edge of the water and relaxing. More than anything I wanted to see if I could ignite a spark of passion for the sport of fly fishing in my wife and I think I accomplished that. Alyssa got some good casts in even though she didn’t hook up with anything. I only got to fish for about an hour and ended up hooking a small brown on a red #18 Tungsten John. The water was extremely high and extremely clear, so much so that it made judging depth difficult, proved by the half gallon of water I took into my waders at one point while I was trying to get some distance from the shore line. The fish were hitting midge and mayfly emergers until about 1pm and then they kind of shut off. This is the type of lake you would definitely want to break out the float tubes, extra water and sun screen because there is the potential to catch some nice and unpressured browns… for the time being anyways. I feel like this is going to be a very productive place to spend the weekend, there’s not a lot of people on it and the majority of people that would venture down the old dirt road are off road vehicle enthusiasts or shore fisherman. Bring your light fluorocarbon tippet, small natural and attractor patterns and figure out if there are any 5lb + browns cruising around before the rooster tailers find out about this body of water!... Oh, and if you don’t have or forget to bring your float tube take the time to hike to the south side of the lake and fish because the north side is very difficult to cast on… Enjoy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pyramid / Vacation

This past Friday evening we headed out to Pyramid for one last try before she closes up for the summer. We fished from about 6:30pm to 8:30pm with no action on streamers or nymphs (at shot dog). We were sitting on the beach having a beer at 8:30 and saw fin break the surface about 2 feet out. As hot as it's been they are likely staying down in the water column until the sun is off the water. The Truckee river is starting to clear up east of town though the flows remain high. With this heat we can expect the thaw to exhaust it self pretty quick though. Prosser ck and the Little Truckee haven't budged over the past week (not that the LT could go any lower coming out of Boca). I'm heading up to Washington to visit friends and family for the next week so hopefully I can get on some early summer Steelhead and some Surf fly fishing. Kellen, Brandon and Tom are no doubt going to be on the Truckee this week so check back for local updates.

See you in a week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Streamers in Chocolate milk

The weather as it is, it's tough to not get out on the water after work even if the close stuff is still a bit soupy. Kellen and I headed east this afternoon and upon arrival may have been a bit intimidated. The water is high and dirty. In Reno the water looks to be clear but a couple of big tributaries to the east really muck things up. We went on with our plan any how and started throwing some big streamers behind the shooting head rigs. After we finally got across the river we were pleasantly suprised. Over the course of an hour we managed to pull in a nice bow and a little brown.
In review, dont let the high flows and dirty water keep you from getting out. The fish are still feeding. throw on your pyramid lake shooting head with some shine on your streamer (or jumbo john in Kellen's case) and get ready for some hard hits.

Here's a poor quality video to offend your visual and audio senses, might even taste bad.

The end result
Truckee River Rainbow

This brown came out of some fast dirty water

Truckee River Brown

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Kellen, Brandon and I headed out to Hobart yesterday (Saturday June 19th) with the tubes. The road is a bit worse off than it was last year but you can still make it up there with no problems if you have a slightly higher than normal rig. Brandon's Chevy was scraping undercarriage on some of the washes. This tiny lake doesnt need any more publicity but the post shall go on, we had a good time. Spread over the three of us, we had a 100 fish day. Those 100 fish probably came to a grand total of 10 lbs combined. You dont go to Hobart to catch big fish, just alot of small fish. The largest fish of the day likely topped out at about 12 inches. Brookies, Tigers and Rainbows on just about anything on top water in the morning then shifted to buggers at just about any depth in the water column later on in the day. Hobart is a single hook, barbless artificial lure only fishery with a small bag limit, but good luck catching a fish big enough to keep! Brookies are the only species in the lake that naturally reproduce. The tigers and rainbows are planted.

Pig of the day. A real hog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Go Fish Pyramid, nowish.

Well, we were sort of right, the Truckee river isn't amazoning at 2.5k cfs but it's still going strong and that isn't making the hunt any easier. Reports from east of town tell us that it's still pretty messy while up stream is a bit more conducive to soakin flies. The title of this post should indicate a good alternative. I went out to Pyramid solo this evening (Wed June 16th). I got on the water at about 6:30pm and fished till about 8pm, with about an hour total of time with line in water. That hour netted 5 fish. The first one came as soon as my flies hit the water. I was literally stripping my line off the reel with my flies about 10 feet out (but it was only a Tui chub). The second fish came on the first real cast, about 20 feet out. 20 to 30 feet out was pretty much the norm. I was throwing a White Wind Whistle (Slightly modified Barr's meat whistle)
Right around 7:30 the bite seemed to die off so get out there around 5:30-6ish and see what you can manage. The season is only open for a couple more weeks. I was fishing shot dog beach but I would guess any beach providing a good drop off will produce results. There was a fair number of gnats on the surface so I through the nymph stack out and hooked up pretty quick. The indicator took off an left a wake that reminded me of that scene from Jaws, when they've got em pegged with the floating barrels.
Kellen's the guy in the middle. Dan on the right, dreaming about clubbin, me on the left, catchin fish.
jaws barrels Pictures, Images and Photos

Here's a few shots of the afternoon.

First cutt of the day

The bigger fish of the day, but look at the next pic to see what happens when you try get proof of your catch when solo.

Poof... Vanishing fish act.

Lets try that again

The Lake Range

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Settling down?

June marches forward and so does the thaw, but that looks to be calming down! after a week of good weather, the mountains are starting to run out juice and the truckee should start to settle down. Here is a few graphs from our real time water section.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday June 5th

Kellen and I got out for a day in the Sierras. The Truckee river is chocolate milk all the way through the town of Truckee. We ended up fishing the Little Truckee and had some luck throwing nymphs, size 18 pheasant tail was the bread winner. The flows are down to 40cfs and the water is crystal clear. Put on your ninja shoes because these fish are spooky! Even your best ninja impression wont likely do you a ton of good because of the 350 other people crammed on the river like its a pier in San Fransisco. The deeper holes were money but even then the fish had lock jaw fighting for space at the feet of anglers. We gave the LT a break and checked out Prosser creak. Prosser creak is flowing like the amazon right now. Flows are way up but the water is nice and clear. Presure on Prosser is about the same as on the LT, which is to be expected with the Truckee being fully blown out from start to finish. My best guess, I'd give it at least another week, but more like 2 until the Truckee river gets back to fishable conditions.

Here's a little team work action, Kellen on the cliff with the cam, Me down on the log. You can see the fish just to the left of the bush right in front of the camera.
Little Truckee June 2010 5

Fish On
Little Truckee June 2010 2

The fruits of our labor
Little Truckee June 2010 4

Keep your eyes open for this
Little Truckee June 2010 3

Fantastic day in the Sierras
Little Truckee June 2010 1

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday - May 22 2010

Spring can't figure out if it wants to roll in to summer or back in to winter. Tom and I headed up in to the snow to fish the Little Truckee on Saturday while Kellen was down braving the rollers at Pyramid. The Little truckee is running nicely though the flows had just dropped to 75cfs from about 100cfs. The water was crystal clear as usual with about zero bug action. The only thing in the air was the occasional snow flake. The fishing either picked up around 2pm or we finally started keying in on the correct water. Getting nymphs down to the bottom of faster deeper holes started to produce fish. All the fish i hooked up with were good looking fish but managed to skip out or make off with my stack. Best luck came on a triple stack with a big heavy stone on top, followed by a size 16 pheasant tail ending with a size 18 red copper john. distance between flies, maybe a foot. had a split shot about a foot above first fly to really help get the stack down. I was pulling scum off my flies quite a bit. getting all the way down was the key, and when I started getting bit.

As for Pyramid, The weather was even less desirable and the fishing was about the same, slow.

Things changed for Kellen on Sunday as far as the bite was concerned. The weather remained miserable but you can stand it when you're catching fish.
The streamer bite was on and Kellen's Pyramida Lake special was the hot ticket. He'll throw a picture of it in the Flies section here before too long.


Pyramid 052310 4

Nicer weather is on its way for this weekend. Hopefully the bugs will wakeup and bring the fish with em.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

BRFC Forum

We added a forum to the page. Check it out, sign in, ask questions, give advice. Click the link to on the right hand side of the page.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday May 15th

Saturday morning we got out on pyramid at about 6am. Sky was a little overcast but that burned off pretty quick once the sun came up. Dan pulled 2 fish off the rocks at Pelican Point between 6 and 6:30 on white and midnight buggers. after that, the bite was pretty dead for the rest of the day. We moved back to Indian head beach but it was dead there too. There were a lot of flying ants on the surface of the dead calm water all day but very very few fish rising to them. I may have seen 2 or 3 all day long. The last spot I hit was rawhide lookout since it has that good creek inlet right there. I saw a good number of fish cruising in shallow but they didn't want any of the streamers or midges I was throwin at em. Similarly our buddy Josh D had hit a few spots around the lake with limited success as well.
A few fish were missed on midges and streamers through out the day but nothing epic.

Since I was at the south end of the lake I decided to go home through Wadsworth to I-80 and check out the Truckee. Water clarity at Wadsworth wasn't bad but still a little dingy. Closer to town at USA parkway the water clarity was a bit better but the water was really moving. I stopped in on the river near mustang and nymphed for about an hour with no results. The water was relatively clear but very tough to fish as fast as it's moving. If you're going to hit the Truckee, your best bet is to hit the California side. Now the question I have, do the spring spawners spawn before, during or after the initial thaw flows?

The lesson learned, Get out there early, or likely late and if you're going to hit the Truckee, you'd probably benefit from having your California license. I'll post some pics of Dan's fish tonight.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pyramid Saturday May 8th 2010

This morning Brandon, Dan and myself headed out to Pyramid. We got on the water about 6am at Separator beach. Brandon hooked up pretty quick with a Green midge and that was his story for the rest of the day. We moved on to Indian Head beach and after Brandon landed 3 more on that Same chartreuse (size 8) midge I took the streamers off and started doing the same. I hooked up with a nice 24ish cutt on a size 8 chartreuse copper john and Dan picked one off with a white bugger - black hackle / tail. The wind was pretty calm for pyramid lake through out the morning. We ended up taking off around 11am.

Brandon - Pyramid @ Separator

Dan - Pyramid @ Indian Head

Bobby - Pyramid @ Indian Head2

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Braving the wind...

I headed out to pyramid yesterday, not expecting too much. Brandon had mentioned that the wind was supposed to be pretty rough, but I was hoping to get some time in before it got too bad.

My first stop of the day was between Windless and Pelican, which is where I hooked into a 24" cut on Monday. I was going to fish Pelican, but good lord were there bodies stacked up. I couldn't see how anyone could get a cast off. I stuck around for about an hour, and decided to move on.

I drove up to Shot Dog and took the dirt road north, to a nice little cove that was isolated and empty. The wind was starting to pick up, but it was bearable at this point. Walking down to the water, a couple of boaters yelled out to me to watch out for rocks... they were right, but I managed not to lose any flies at this beach. On my first cast I pulled out this little guy:

Given my early luck, I figured this would be a decent spot. I had a few bites, but didn't catch another fish here. I saw some guys nymphing to my right, and one of them did manage to land a good size fish. The wind started picking up, and it was nasty. I couldn't get a cast off, so I decided to head to a more sheltered beach.

Pelican was still pretty packed, so I headed down to Separator. By now it was 11, and I didn't think I would last much longer with the wind really blowing. I set up between a couple of guys who were throwing nymphs. About 2 casts in I started getting hits, on a black bugger trailing a dark olive conehead. Within 30 minutes I landed this good sized fish:

If I had to guess, I'd say about 22". Not bad, but I wasn't finished yet. The beach started filling up, and there was a large group of lead chuckers down at the opposite side who were getting some decent activity. My black bugger wasn't attracting anything now, so I switched to a light olive conehead as a trailer. I immediately hooked into another decent cutt, got him all the way to shore, and he gave me the old fisherman's release. Doh! The beach started to really fill up, and the guy next to me hooked into a nice sized fish on a Mahalo midge. While he was landing his fish, I hooked into another fish. Not thinking too much I started bringing the fish in (it didn't seem very large). As I got fish down to the real, he made a run to the shore, which I thought would surely mean I lost him. As he swam past me I noticed he was larger than he felt, and as I got him down to the reel, the fight began. It took me about 10 - 15 minutes to get this guy to shore on a 6 weight rod:

I kept throwing, and managed to land a few more decent sized fish. The last fish of the day was a greedy bugger. I managed to acquire 2 nymphs while unhooking him. He was also one of the larger fish caught all day.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. I probably had 10 - 12 fish on, and landed 6 fish over 18 inches. Not bad for me. I'm notorious for not being able to land fish once I get them hooked. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Too nice to not go...

Well, I didn't get out with the guys this weekend due to work ( I think I almost put a 40 hour week in between Friday and Sunday), so I decided to cut my time at the office short today and take a much needed break. I headed out to Pyramid in hopes of landing a decent size cut finally.

A friend of mine mentioned he had 3 good days last week at Pelican, so I headed that way to start my afternoon. The weather was beautiful, 70 degrees, mild wind, and the water was clear. Pelican was pretty packed, so I headed to the very tip of the beach where it was a little less populated. I didn't notice anybody catching anything, but I tied on an Olive bugger and a Black tadpole to start. Within 3 casts, I lost the first stack to rocks, a weed, or some other obstacle (probably why nobody was fishing this spot). I tied on an identical stack, and waded back out when I noticed a lot of movement. Within 10 feet of where I was standing, about 6 - 8 large cuts were headed in towards the boat ramp. Surely this was a good sign, right? I fished the spot for about an hour, noticing a lot of fish movement, but no bites.

Around 4 PM the wind picked up, and it was impossible to cast because of the wind speed and direction. So, I jumped in the rig, and drove around the point towards Windless Bay, where the wind would be at my back.  As soon as I got on the water, I noticed 4 or 5 fish moving in the shallows, and one directly to the right of me feeding in about 1 foot of water. I managed to hook into a good size 24 inch pig, landing him a bit awkwardly, and falling into the water as I tried to steady myself on the slippery mud. As I picked myself back up and went for my phone to grab a pic of the fish, I noticed my phone was off and wouldn't turn back on (due to water from the fall).

Needless to say, I managed to hook into 3 more fish in a 2 hour period, landing only 1 of them, another 16 inch cut.  It definitely looks like the activity is picking up on the lake. My friend told me he had 30+ fish days the 3 days he went out last week. I noticed a few fish surfacing, and a lot of activity in the shallows. With the river up right now, Pyramid is the way to go for the next few weeks.

HipHop East Walker

April 24th, 2010

East Walker River, standing room only. Check your coat at the door.
Brandon and I showed up to the dam on Friday night at about ten mintutes to 7. The first camping area was hosting about 10 RV's / campers. We thought this was insane until we took a drive in to bridgeport that night. I think tourism from this weekend alone, could fund the town of Bridgeport for the entire year. I will post up a few of the pics from the Bridgeport Res opener on Saturday. I have never seen such human density on a body of water in my life. It was awe inspiring. As for the fishing, it was fair. The fish were biting but we didn't catch anything of size. It was all the usual stuff, small midges and BWOs, mid column and top water. Kellen had a fat little brown ambush his Zoo Cougar but Kellen failed to not fail, and failed to catch the fish, fail. We fished both the Miracle mile and down on the Rosachi side in Nevada. The Nevada part of that river looks so good but we didn't pull anything out. That is the spot where Kellen missed that good brown and also near where Brandon got in to a good brown last year as well. Flows have been steady at 125 since the 20th (as of Apr 26th @10:20).

On the topic of bugs, the baetis nymphs that were hanging around under the rocks were quite a bit darker than they have been recently. Lots and lots of caddis hangin out in their grass huts. As the waters warm the bigger guys will start to come out. The Mays were hatching but the feeding action was minimal, I dont know that we saw or heard anything much. I had fished a run up near the dam with a parachute BWO and had a number of hits but, trout aim about as well as an Iraqi citizen, so I didn't produce anything

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring weather... for now

It looks like we're going to have some more Spring weather this weekend. It will only last until Monday, of course, so get out there and get 'er done. The Walker has been holding steady at around 130 CFS, and looks to be good this weekend. Ken's has indicated that the water is warming up and the pigs are starting to move.

Reports from the Little Truckee have been good too. The road is now open all the way to Stampede, and flows have been hanging around 160 CFS. It doesn't look like there will be too much dry fly action, so make sure to pack plenty of nymphs.

The Truckee looks to be a bit blown. Flows are high (around 500 CFS through town), and will probably settle down a bit, but the water looked like chocolate milk coming in to the office this morning. If you're looking to stay closer to town, Pyramid may be the way to go with temps in the 70's on Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In case you hadn't noticed, the weather was nice and warm now we have snow falling. Local flows have been fluctuating alot every day and this is only going to draw that process out. The truckee has shot up nearly 100CFS this evening in town. The flows on the east walker have been adjusting over the past few days as well. The outlook for the weekend is good weatherwise. The gents over at Ken's in Bridgeport have provided us with another spot on report, check it out in the "Fishing Reports" section and go pay em a visit. See you out there on Saturday! Spring may start soon! I swear...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Before Class

Well, yesterday I snuck out on the Truckee between work and school. I’ve got to keep my mid-week trips in the Sparks section of river because of the short window of time that I have. I just parked at the park on Spice Island and fished those nice runs and holes next to the UNR apartments on the south side of the river in the Agriculture center. There was a pretty good hatch coming off consisting of big ol’ March Browns and some midge and BWO’s but there was not one fish sipping or rising… however, I did see one fingerling surface… I tried throwing caddis pupa, mayfly nymphs and Slump busters but couldn’t hook up with anything. Another month, I figure and the water will be much nicer and school will be out so I’ll have more time to fish the sections of the river I know a little better. Me and Brandon are going to Rock Park for lunch today and we’ll see what we can do there… More to follow.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday: It's Always Sunny...


Ok, so I couldn’t make it out with Thomas and Bobby on Saturday so I ran out to the Miracle Mile on Sunday afternoon. The flows were at about 160fps when I left the house and it was warm at home. An hour and half later I got to the water and it reminded me of that time it was too windy… but I sucked it up, laced up the 9wt (so I could get a little bit of ass into the wind) and got right to it.

I showed up at about 1:30 in the afternoon and the hatch was just coming off but the wind was so bad that the bugs were stuck to the water surface… easy prey for the anxious and hungry predator brown trout. Hooked up with my first fish in about 20 minutes on a little size 20 BWO Nymph imitation I whipped up the night before and then I decided to break out the dries because it seemed like every fish in that hole was sipping. I tied up a Vis-a-dun in BWO size 20 and a size 20 BWO Barr’s Emerger as a dropper just in time for the wind speed to pick up about another 20mph… It was incredibly difficult to deliver a proper dry fly presentation so I gave up on dries and through on a size 10 black Mogul Stone Nymph and that little Nymph I caught one on earlier. Caught another one on the BWO and went up to the outlet.

Got to the outlet at about 3:30 and it started snowing and yes, the wind picked up another 30mph… Determined, I hooked up with one last fish on the Mogul Stone and called it a day at about 4:30pm. It was COLD but catching a couple fish in the few hours I fished made it just as good as if the sun was out all day!

…Oh, and watch out for the Swallows!! When I was casting dries I had one swoop down in the middle of a drift and pick up my vis-a-dun and damn near hooked himself!



Fishing Reports

We're working hard to get Fishing Reports up on the site. We have our first report from the East Walker, courtesy of Ken's Sporting Goods in Bridgeport. If you're planning on making a trip to the East Walker, make sure to stop by Ken's to get updates on the conditions, and pickup those last minute items!

East Walker

Last friday, we were busy trying to decide where to head out on Saturday (while working of course). We checked the flows and weather conditions, and decided that the flows on the East Walker were steady enough to justify getting up at 4 am for a trip.

Bobby managed to get some good tips from some of the local fishing reports in Bridgeport, and I spent most of Friday evening tying up everything from #16 - #20 Disco Midges, #20 Zebra Midges, and a few #16 WD-40's. I also picked up some Blue Dun's in #18 from Sportsman's, and a couple of BWO dries in #16 - #20. We heard that there had been a good Blue Dun hatch around mid-day, so I wanted to make sure we had some dries to match.

We arrived at the Dam around 7:45 am, surveyed the situation, and geared up for a great day on the Walker. The temps were right around 35°, and the water temp was probably close to 45° by my guess. Without fail, Bobby hooked into a nice 12 - 14 inch Brown about 5 minutes into our day. I moved down below him, and managed to hook into a decent fish twice. The first time he spit the hook, and the second time he broke me off. My guess is that he hit the #16 WD-40 I dropped below a #18 Disco Midge, but I'm not certain.

We continued moving downstream, and ran into 2 or 3 fisherman on our way, but it was definitely a quiet day for being so nice out. Temps reached the mid-50's by noon, and the wind remained calm until around 2 pm.

The fishing was slow until around noon when Bobby hooked into another 12 inch brown close to the road.

I started feeling lucky again, so I turned around and headed back upstream a bit, where I had noticed a nice slow bend in the river. As I got back up to the bend, I noticed a Blue Dun Hatch, and saw quite a bit of surface activity. I threw a few nymphs into the feeding frenzy without luck, so I decided to tie on a #18 Blue Dun. I hooked into a fish almost immediately, but I lost him because I was mending as he hit. Doh!

Bobby moved back upstream as well, and quickly switched to a more accurate pattern after I landed the first fish. We spent a good 1.5 hours fishing the same hole, throwing everything we had at them. In all, we must have landed 8 - 10 fish between 12 and 16 inches, all on dries.

The wind started to pickup and the aim of our targets got considerably worse... I think the fish were too full to hit their targets at that point, so we headed back to the truck. We packed up and headed up towards the dam, where the river was a lot busier at this point. One guy fishing at the spillway hooked into 2 decent sized fish in the 10 minute span that we were there watching. 

We decided to hit one more spot below the bridge, to see if we could hook into a piggy, so we headed back to the rig and drove down to the spot. The wind was getting unbearable though, and we didn't last long. 30+ MPH gusts shut us down for the day, but the trip was well worth it.