Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rock Park

I took a sec to drop by Rock Park on the way home from work yesterday to check out the flows and see what kind of bug action was going on. It was super windy but there was a pretty gnarly gnat hatch happening. Bunch of Baetis nymphs hangin out under the rocks. Water was pretty green, only about 2 feet visibility. If that park isn't over run by tubes, rafts and kayaks, it might be a good convenient lunch time or after work section. Here are a some images, if you haven't had a sec to check that section out for yourself. Over the past 24 hours river flows have shot up about 100cfs with weather that blew in last night.

Rock Park has 5 or 6 flows just like this one


Don't need grandma's joints to tell you there's a storm blowin in.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday March 27th

We packed up the pontoons and headed out to Hells Kitchen out at Pyramid this past Saturday. Without fail, the moment we got the tubes on the water the wind started blowing from every direction. Before too long it was pretty well impossible to fish from tubes, unless you were cool with ending your day on the north shore of the lake and walking back to the truck. By the time we threw in the towel, Tom had landed one on a black tad pole and Kellen had hooked in to a piggy on a size 12 red mahalo. We took a hike on top of hells kitchen to see if we could find any windless water but it was pretty well blown out. After packed the tubes up to the trucks, we saw some fish cruising in real shallow. You could see them surfing the breaking waves. This week looks like some standard spring weather for Nevada so turn your sprinklers off and get your snow suit out again.

The word from a number of sources indicate that Pyramid is fishing pretty well on nymphs right now. Find something shiney, throw it on and GYDS.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mid Week

Managed to make it out on the Sparks section of the Truckee yesterday afternoon between work and school. There wasn't much happening and you could really tell that that little storm was comin' in. Not much to say about it other than give it another month or at least until the spring thaw is over...

The only thing of note was that I found a couple near domestic water chickens...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog Updates

Check out our new feature called "Real-time Water Data" up in the top navigation (right next to the "Home" link)! If you have suggestions for other locations we should include, shoot us a message and let us know :-)

This blog is now your one-stop shop for Northern Nevada Water Flows!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday March 21st

We made it out to the Truckee up near Hirschdale yesterday (Sunday March 21st). We got on the water around noon and fished until around 6pm. During this time the water went from clear to green and flows went up 30cfs (according to USGS). We threw everything at em from Stones, to bwo nymphs and a some steamers but no luck to report. right around 5pm we started seeing Stones hatching and there was at least one fish who seemed to feed on top for at least 10 seconds before he too, started suffering from lock jaw and went back to his hiding spot.

At the time of this post, river flows are up about 50CFS over the past Day. Spring thaw in effect. Now is the time to spend your day tieing flies and hitting Pyramid.

Here are a few pics of the Skwala's we saw hatching and a some other notables.
The shot of the river shows some of that chocolate milk thaw that makes this time of year so lovely.

truckee 032110c
Skwala Stone

truckee 032110b

truckee 032110a

Snow run off all over at the higher elevations.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hand Tied and Original Fly Patterns

Hello all,

You can check out some of my original flies at Scheels in Sparks. I've only got two patterns available and only in a few sizes and colors right now. "Kellen's Big Ugly Dry" in size 10 and in amber or dun... and the "Kellen's Mogul Stone Fly Nymph" in sizes 10 - 18 and in brown, black or golden stone. More variations in sizes and colors to come...

Also keep your eyes open for "Kellen's Sierra Nymph" which is coming soon!!!



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday March 14th

Made it out to the Truckee on Sunday (03142010).

Conditions east of town, sunny, breeze from the east and a bit chilly. The water was soupy green and flowing at about 500cfs. Didn't spend much time east but headed up in to the hills west of Reno.

Conditions west of town, sunny, slight breeze blowing up the canyon. Water was clear, flowing at about 400cfs.

Fish caught on size 16 hares ear in small pocket water / tailouts. BWO hatch around 2pm but didnt see a boost in feeding activity at the time.

At the time of this post I would have assumed that flows would be increasing with the nice warm weather but they seem to have a dropped a bit. Keep your eyes open, should be a nice weekend to hit the river.


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