Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rock Park

I took a sec to drop by Rock Park on the way home from work yesterday to check out the flows and see what kind of bug action was going on. It was super windy but there was a pretty gnarly gnat hatch happening. Bunch of Baetis nymphs hangin out under the rocks. Water was pretty green, only about 2 feet visibility. If that park isn't over run by tubes, rafts and kayaks, it might be a good convenient lunch time or after work section. Here are a some images, if you haven't had a sec to check that section out for yourself. Over the past 24 hours river flows have shot up about 100cfs with weather that blew in last night.

Rock Park has 5 or 6 flows just like this one


Don't need grandma's joints to tell you there's a storm blowin in.

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