Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday March 27th

We packed up the pontoons and headed out to Hells Kitchen out at Pyramid this past Saturday. Without fail, the moment we got the tubes on the water the wind started blowing from every direction. Before too long it was pretty well impossible to fish from tubes, unless you were cool with ending your day on the north shore of the lake and walking back to the truck. By the time we threw in the towel, Tom had landed one on a black tad pole and Kellen had hooked in to a piggy on a size 12 red mahalo. We took a hike on top of hells kitchen to see if we could find any windless water but it was pretty well blown out. After packed the tubes up to the trucks, we saw some fish cruising in real shallow. You could see them surfing the breaking waves. This week looks like some standard spring weather for Nevada so turn your sprinklers off and get your snow suit out again.

The word from a number of sources indicate that Pyramid is fishing pretty well on nymphs right now. Find something shiney, throw it on and GYDS.

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