Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday March 21st

We made it out to the Truckee up near Hirschdale yesterday (Sunday March 21st). We got on the water around noon and fished until around 6pm. During this time the water went from clear to green and flows went up 30cfs (according to USGS). We threw everything at em from Stones, to bwo nymphs and a some steamers but no luck to report. right around 5pm we started seeing Stones hatching and there was at least one fish who seemed to feed on top for at least 10 seconds before he too, started suffering from lock jaw and went back to his hiding spot.

At the time of this post, river flows are up about 50CFS over the past Day. Spring thaw in effect. Now is the time to spend your day tieing flies and hitting Pyramid.

Here are a few pics of the Skwala's we saw hatching and a some other notables.
The shot of the river shows some of that chocolate milk thaw that makes this time of year so lovely.

truckee 032110c
Skwala Stone

truckee 032110b

truckee 032110a

Snow run off all over at the higher elevations.

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