Thursday, April 15, 2010

Before Class

Well, yesterday I snuck out on the Truckee between work and school. I’ve got to keep my mid-week trips in the Sparks section of river because of the short window of time that I have. I just parked at the park on Spice Island and fished those nice runs and holes next to the UNR apartments on the south side of the river in the Agriculture center. There was a pretty good hatch coming off consisting of big ol’ March Browns and some midge and BWO’s but there was not one fish sipping or rising… however, I did see one fingerling surface… I tried throwing caddis pupa, mayfly nymphs and Slump busters but couldn’t hook up with anything. Another month, I figure and the water will be much nicer and school will be out so I’ll have more time to fish the sections of the river I know a little better. Me and Brandon are going to Rock Park for lunch today and we’ll see what we can do there… More to follow.

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