Monday, April 12, 2010

East Walker

Last friday, we were busy trying to decide where to head out on Saturday (while working of course). We checked the flows and weather conditions, and decided that the flows on the East Walker were steady enough to justify getting up at 4 am for a trip.

Bobby managed to get some good tips from some of the local fishing reports in Bridgeport, and I spent most of Friday evening tying up everything from #16 - #20 Disco Midges, #20 Zebra Midges, and a few #16 WD-40's. I also picked up some Blue Dun's in #18 from Sportsman's, and a couple of BWO dries in #16 - #20. We heard that there had been a good Blue Dun hatch around mid-day, so I wanted to make sure we had some dries to match.

We arrived at the Dam around 7:45 am, surveyed the situation, and geared up for a great day on the Walker. The temps were right around 35°, and the water temp was probably close to 45° by my guess. Without fail, Bobby hooked into a nice 12 - 14 inch Brown about 5 minutes into our day. I moved down below him, and managed to hook into a decent fish twice. The first time he spit the hook, and the second time he broke me off. My guess is that he hit the #16 WD-40 I dropped below a #18 Disco Midge, but I'm not certain.

We continued moving downstream, and ran into 2 or 3 fisherman on our way, but it was definitely a quiet day for being so nice out. Temps reached the mid-50's by noon, and the wind remained calm until around 2 pm.

The fishing was slow until around noon when Bobby hooked into another 12 inch brown close to the road.

I started feeling lucky again, so I turned around and headed back upstream a bit, where I had noticed a nice slow bend in the river. As I got back up to the bend, I noticed a Blue Dun Hatch, and saw quite a bit of surface activity. I threw a few nymphs into the feeding frenzy without luck, so I decided to tie on a #18 Blue Dun. I hooked into a fish almost immediately, but I lost him because I was mending as he hit. Doh!

Bobby moved back upstream as well, and quickly switched to a more accurate pattern after I landed the first fish. We spent a good 1.5 hours fishing the same hole, throwing everything we had at them. In all, we must have landed 8 - 10 fish between 12 and 16 inches, all on dries.

The wind started to pickup and the aim of our targets got considerably worse... I think the fish were too full to hit their targets at that point, so we headed back to the truck. We packed up and headed up towards the dam, where the river was a lot busier at this point. One guy fishing at the spillway hooked into 2 decent sized fish in the 10 minute span that we were there watching. 

We decided to hit one more spot below the bridge, to see if we could hook into a piggy, so we headed back to the rig and drove down to the spot. The wind was getting unbearable though, and we didn't last long. 30+ MPH gusts shut us down for the day, but the trip was well worth it.

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