Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday on the Truckee

I was tying up some flies after a morning hike with the dogs when I decided that it was nice enough to try my luck on the river. It was a bit chilly out, but the sun was shining, and the storm looming in the mountains looked like it was going to hold off for a bit, so I packed up my gear and headed out.

The flows were down from early last week, and the water was crystal clear, but it was awfully cold.

There's a spot I like to fish up above Mayberry Park that does well in the summer. It's only about 10 minutes from the house, making it convenient for a quick trip. There's plenty of cover, and I noticed a BWO hatch around 2 pm, but no surface action. The water must have been too cold.

Needless to say, I threw everything I had, but didn't get a single bite. I headed down the river to Crissy Caughlin park and threw a couple of flies there, but still came up empty handed. The wind started to pick up around 3:30, which was my cue to pack up and head home.

It looks like we'll have 1 - 2 decent weeks coming up before the big thaw. I'll try my luck mid-week when the temps are back in the 60's. If the weather is willing, we'll be fishing the Little Truckee this weekend, while the flows are steady.

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