Monday, April 26, 2010

HipHop East Walker

April 24th, 2010

East Walker River, standing room only. Check your coat at the door.
Brandon and I showed up to the dam on Friday night at about ten mintutes to 7. The first camping area was hosting about 10 RV's / campers. We thought this was insane until we took a drive in to bridgeport that night. I think tourism from this weekend alone, could fund the town of Bridgeport for the entire year. I will post up a few of the pics from the Bridgeport Res opener on Saturday. I have never seen such human density on a body of water in my life. It was awe inspiring. As for the fishing, it was fair. The fish were biting but we didn't catch anything of size. It was all the usual stuff, small midges and BWOs, mid column and top water. Kellen had a fat little brown ambush his Zoo Cougar but Kellen failed to not fail, and failed to catch the fish, fail. We fished both the Miracle mile and down on the Rosachi side in Nevada. The Nevada part of that river looks so good but we didn't pull anything out. That is the spot where Kellen missed that good brown and also near where Brandon got in to a good brown last year as well. Flows have been steady at 125 since the 20th (as of Apr 26th @10:20).

On the topic of bugs, the baetis nymphs that were hanging around under the rocks were quite a bit darker than they have been recently. Lots and lots of caddis hangin out in their grass huts. As the waters warm the bigger guys will start to come out. The Mays were hatching but the feeding action was minimal, I dont know that we saw or heard anything much. I had fished a run up near the dam with a parachute BWO and had a number of hits but, trout aim about as well as an Iraqi citizen, so I didn't produce anything

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