Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday: It's Always Sunny...


Ok, so I couldn’t make it out with Thomas and Bobby on Saturday so I ran out to the Miracle Mile on Sunday afternoon. The flows were at about 160fps when I left the house and it was warm at home. An hour and half later I got to the water and it reminded me of that time it was too windy… but I sucked it up, laced up the 9wt (so I could get a little bit of ass into the wind) and got right to it.

I showed up at about 1:30 in the afternoon and the hatch was just coming off but the wind was so bad that the bugs were stuck to the water surface… easy prey for the anxious and hungry predator brown trout. Hooked up with my first fish in about 20 minutes on a little size 20 BWO Nymph imitation I whipped up the night before and then I decided to break out the dries because it seemed like every fish in that hole was sipping. I tied up a Vis-a-dun in BWO size 20 and a size 20 BWO Barr’s Emerger as a dropper just in time for the wind speed to pick up about another 20mph… It was incredibly difficult to deliver a proper dry fly presentation so I gave up on dries and through on a size 10 black Mogul Stone Nymph and that little Nymph I caught one on earlier. Caught another one on the BWO and went up to the outlet.

Got to the outlet at about 3:30 and it started snowing and yes, the wind picked up another 30mph… Determined, I hooked up with one last fish on the Mogul Stone and called it a day at about 4:30pm. It was COLD but catching a couple fish in the few hours I fished made it just as good as if the sun was out all day!

…Oh, and watch out for the Swallows!! When I was casting dries I had one swoop down in the middle of a drift and pick up my vis-a-dun and damn near hooked himself!



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