Monday, April 26, 2010

Too nice to not go...

Well, I didn't get out with the guys this weekend due to work ( I think I almost put a 40 hour week in between Friday and Sunday), so I decided to cut my time at the office short today and take a much needed break. I headed out to Pyramid in hopes of landing a decent size cut finally.

A friend of mine mentioned he had 3 good days last week at Pelican, so I headed that way to start my afternoon. The weather was beautiful, 70 degrees, mild wind, and the water was clear. Pelican was pretty packed, so I headed to the very tip of the beach where it was a little less populated. I didn't notice anybody catching anything, but I tied on an Olive bugger and a Black tadpole to start. Within 3 casts, I lost the first stack to rocks, a weed, or some other obstacle (probably why nobody was fishing this spot). I tied on an identical stack, and waded back out when I noticed a lot of movement. Within 10 feet of where I was standing, about 6 - 8 large cuts were headed in towards the boat ramp. Surely this was a good sign, right? I fished the spot for about an hour, noticing a lot of fish movement, but no bites.

Around 4 PM the wind picked up, and it was impossible to cast because of the wind speed and direction. So, I jumped in the rig, and drove around the point towards Windless Bay, where the wind would be at my back.  As soon as I got on the water, I noticed 4 or 5 fish moving in the shallows, and one directly to the right of me feeding in about 1 foot of water. I managed to hook into a good size 24 inch pig, landing him a bit awkwardly, and falling into the water as I tried to steady myself on the slippery mud. As I picked myself back up and went for my phone to grab a pic of the fish, I noticed my phone was off and wouldn't turn back on (due to water from the fall).

Needless to say, I managed to hook into 3 more fish in a 2 hour period, landing only 1 of them, another 16 inch cut.  It definitely looks like the activity is picking up on the lake. My friend told me he had 30+ fish days the 3 days he went out last week. I noticed a few fish surfacing, and a lot of activity in the shallows. With the river up right now, Pyramid is the way to go for the next few weeks.

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