Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday April 6th

It's been quite a few years since I last saw any part of the Truckee river between the McCarran bridge (east) and Vista so I figured I would check it out on my way home. I pulled off Greg on to Spice Island and parked in a lot right near the river. At the time, flows were around 450cfs and the water clarity had improved some from last week - about 3ft visibility. Air temp was around 54 and there was, yet again, a pretty good Gnat hatch going on. upon closer inspection I found BWO's emerging. I turned some rocks over and found midges, some good sized caddis, a good stone and, scuds? I may have been told there were scuds in the Truckee but I didn't commit that to memory. I was pretty amazed to find little grey shrimp looking things. Proof is in the pictures.

Scuds in the Truckee? I guess so?

Match the hatch

Caddis, Midge, Goo, trout buffet

Golden Stone under water, mimic that on a size 10 2302

Here's a big one for detail.

Get to tieing.

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