Sunday, May 2, 2010

Braving the wind...

I headed out to pyramid yesterday, not expecting too much. Brandon had mentioned that the wind was supposed to be pretty rough, but I was hoping to get some time in before it got too bad.

My first stop of the day was between Windless and Pelican, which is where I hooked into a 24" cut on Monday. I was going to fish Pelican, but good lord were there bodies stacked up. I couldn't see how anyone could get a cast off. I stuck around for about an hour, and decided to move on.

I drove up to Shot Dog and took the dirt road north, to a nice little cove that was isolated and empty. The wind was starting to pick up, but it was bearable at this point. Walking down to the water, a couple of boaters yelled out to me to watch out for rocks... they were right, but I managed not to lose any flies at this beach. On my first cast I pulled out this little guy:

Given my early luck, I figured this would be a decent spot. I had a few bites, but didn't catch another fish here. I saw some guys nymphing to my right, and one of them did manage to land a good size fish. The wind started picking up, and it was nasty. I couldn't get a cast off, so I decided to head to a more sheltered beach.

Pelican was still pretty packed, so I headed down to Separator. By now it was 11, and I didn't think I would last much longer with the wind really blowing. I set up between a couple of guys who were throwing nymphs. About 2 casts in I started getting hits, on a black bugger trailing a dark olive conehead. Within 30 minutes I landed this good sized fish:

If I had to guess, I'd say about 22". Not bad, but I wasn't finished yet. The beach started filling up, and there was a large group of lead chuckers down at the opposite side who were getting some decent activity. My black bugger wasn't attracting anything now, so I switched to a light olive conehead as a trailer. I immediately hooked into another decent cutt, got him all the way to shore, and he gave me the old fisherman's release. Doh! The beach started to really fill up, and the guy next to me hooked into a nice sized fish on a Mahalo midge. While he was landing his fish, I hooked into another fish. Not thinking too much I started bringing the fish in (it didn't seem very large). As I got fish down to the real, he made a run to the shore, which I thought would surely mean I lost him. As he swam past me I noticed he was larger than he felt, and as I got him down to the reel, the fight began. It took me about 10 - 15 minutes to get this guy to shore on a 6 weight rod:

I kept throwing, and managed to land a few more decent sized fish. The last fish of the day was a greedy bugger. I managed to acquire 2 nymphs while unhooking him. He was also one of the larger fish caught all day.

All in all, it was a pretty good day. I probably had 10 - 12 fish on, and landed 6 fish over 18 inches. Not bad for me. I'm notorious for not being able to land fish once I get them hooked. 

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