Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday May 15th

Saturday morning we got out on pyramid at about 6am. Sky was a little overcast but that burned off pretty quick once the sun came up. Dan pulled 2 fish off the rocks at Pelican Point between 6 and 6:30 on white and midnight buggers. after that, the bite was pretty dead for the rest of the day. We moved back to Indian head beach but it was dead there too. There were a lot of flying ants on the surface of the dead calm water all day but very very few fish rising to them. I may have seen 2 or 3 all day long. The last spot I hit was rawhide lookout since it has that good creek inlet right there. I saw a good number of fish cruising in shallow but they didn't want any of the streamers or midges I was throwin at em. Similarly our buddy Josh D had hit a few spots around the lake with limited success as well.
A few fish were missed on midges and streamers through out the day but nothing epic.

Since I was at the south end of the lake I decided to go home through Wadsworth to I-80 and check out the Truckee. Water clarity at Wadsworth wasn't bad but still a little dingy. Closer to town at USA parkway the water clarity was a bit better but the water was really moving. I stopped in on the river near mustang and nymphed for about an hour with no results. The water was relatively clear but very tough to fish as fast as it's moving. If you're going to hit the Truckee, your best bet is to hit the California side. Now the question I have, do the spring spawners spawn before, during or after the initial thaw flows?

The lesson learned, Get out there early, or likely late and if you're going to hit the Truckee, you'd probably benefit from having your California license. I'll post some pics of Dan's fish tonight.

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