Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday - May 22 2010

Spring can't figure out if it wants to roll in to summer or back in to winter. Tom and I headed up in to the snow to fish the Little Truckee on Saturday while Kellen was down braving the rollers at Pyramid. The Little truckee is running nicely though the flows had just dropped to 75cfs from about 100cfs. The water was crystal clear as usual with about zero bug action. The only thing in the air was the occasional snow flake. The fishing either picked up around 2pm or we finally started keying in on the correct water. Getting nymphs down to the bottom of faster deeper holes started to produce fish. All the fish i hooked up with were good looking fish but managed to skip out or make off with my stack. Best luck came on a triple stack with a big heavy stone on top, followed by a size 16 pheasant tail ending with a size 18 red copper john. distance between flies, maybe a foot. had a split shot about a foot above first fly to really help get the stack down. I was pulling scum off my flies quite a bit. getting all the way down was the key, and when I started getting bit.

As for Pyramid, The weather was even less desirable and the fishing was about the same, slow.

Things changed for Kellen on Sunday as far as the bite was concerned. The weather remained miserable but you can stand it when you're catching fish.
The streamer bite was on and Kellen's Pyramida Lake special was the hot ticket. He'll throw a picture of it in the Flies section here before too long.


Pyramid 052310 4

Nicer weather is on its way for this weekend. Hopefully the bugs will wakeup and bring the fish with em.

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