Monday, June 28, 2010

10 Years to Milton

10 years ago in High School a friend and I made our way to Milton Reservoir just west of Jackson Meadows Res. on the middle fork of the Yuba. My friend caught a pretty nice brown back then in the spill way of the dam and I’d not made it back until this past Sunday. I took my wife, daughter and sister out there for a day of sitting on the edge of the water and relaxing. More than anything I wanted to see if I could ignite a spark of passion for the sport of fly fishing in my wife and I think I accomplished that. Alyssa got some good casts in even though she didn’t hook up with anything. I only got to fish for about an hour and ended up hooking a small brown on a red #18 Tungsten John. The water was extremely high and extremely clear, so much so that it made judging depth difficult, proved by the half gallon of water I took into my waders at one point while I was trying to get some distance from the shore line. The fish were hitting midge and mayfly emergers until about 1pm and then they kind of shut off. This is the type of lake you would definitely want to break out the float tubes, extra water and sun screen because there is the potential to catch some nice and unpressured browns… for the time being anyways. I feel like this is going to be a very productive place to spend the weekend, there’s not a lot of people on it and the majority of people that would venture down the old dirt road are off road vehicle enthusiasts or shore fisherman. Bring your light fluorocarbon tippet, small natural and attractor patterns and figure out if there are any 5lb + browns cruising around before the rooster tailers find out about this body of water!... Oh, and if you don’t have or forget to bring your float tube take the time to hike to the south side of the lake and fish because the north side is very difficult to cast on… Enjoy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pyramid / Vacation

This past Friday evening we headed out to Pyramid for one last try before she closes up for the summer. We fished from about 6:30pm to 8:30pm with no action on streamers or nymphs (at shot dog). We were sitting on the beach having a beer at 8:30 and saw fin break the surface about 2 feet out. As hot as it's been they are likely staying down in the water column until the sun is off the water. The Truckee river is starting to clear up east of town though the flows remain high. With this heat we can expect the thaw to exhaust it self pretty quick though. Prosser ck and the Little Truckee haven't budged over the past week (not that the LT could go any lower coming out of Boca). I'm heading up to Washington to visit friends and family for the next week so hopefully I can get on some early summer Steelhead and some Surf fly fishing. Kellen, Brandon and Tom are no doubt going to be on the Truckee this week so check back for local updates.

See you in a week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Streamers in Chocolate milk

The weather as it is, it's tough to not get out on the water after work even if the close stuff is still a bit soupy. Kellen and I headed east this afternoon and upon arrival may have been a bit intimidated. The water is high and dirty. In Reno the water looks to be clear but a couple of big tributaries to the east really muck things up. We went on with our plan any how and started throwing some big streamers behind the shooting head rigs. After we finally got across the river we were pleasantly suprised. Over the course of an hour we managed to pull in a nice bow and a little brown.
In review, dont let the high flows and dirty water keep you from getting out. The fish are still feeding. throw on your pyramid lake shooting head with some shine on your streamer (or jumbo john in Kellen's case) and get ready for some hard hits.

Here's a poor quality video to offend your visual and audio senses, might even taste bad.

The end result
Truckee River Rainbow

This brown came out of some fast dirty water

Truckee River Brown

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Kellen, Brandon and I headed out to Hobart yesterday (Saturday June 19th) with the tubes. The road is a bit worse off than it was last year but you can still make it up there with no problems if you have a slightly higher than normal rig. Brandon's Chevy was scraping undercarriage on some of the washes. This tiny lake doesnt need any more publicity but the post shall go on, we had a good time. Spread over the three of us, we had a 100 fish day. Those 100 fish probably came to a grand total of 10 lbs combined. You dont go to Hobart to catch big fish, just alot of small fish. The largest fish of the day likely topped out at about 12 inches. Brookies, Tigers and Rainbows on just about anything on top water in the morning then shifted to buggers at just about any depth in the water column later on in the day. Hobart is a single hook, barbless artificial lure only fishery with a small bag limit, but good luck catching a fish big enough to keep! Brookies are the only species in the lake that naturally reproduce. The tigers and rainbows are planted.

Pig of the day. A real hog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Go Fish Pyramid, nowish.

Well, we were sort of right, the Truckee river isn't amazoning at 2.5k cfs but it's still going strong and that isn't making the hunt any easier. Reports from east of town tell us that it's still pretty messy while up stream is a bit more conducive to soakin flies. The title of this post should indicate a good alternative. I went out to Pyramid solo this evening (Wed June 16th). I got on the water at about 6:30pm and fished till about 8pm, with about an hour total of time with line in water. That hour netted 5 fish. The first one came as soon as my flies hit the water. I was literally stripping my line off the reel with my flies about 10 feet out (but it was only a Tui chub). The second fish came on the first real cast, about 20 feet out. 20 to 30 feet out was pretty much the norm. I was throwing a White Wind Whistle (Slightly modified Barr's meat whistle)
Right around 7:30 the bite seemed to die off so get out there around 5:30-6ish and see what you can manage. The season is only open for a couple more weeks. I was fishing shot dog beach but I would guess any beach providing a good drop off will produce results. There was a fair number of gnats on the surface so I through the nymph stack out and hooked up pretty quick. The indicator took off an left a wake that reminded me of that scene from Jaws, when they've got em pegged with the floating barrels.
Kellen's the guy in the middle. Dan on the right, dreaming about clubbin, me on the left, catchin fish.
jaws barrels Pictures, Images and Photos

Here's a few shots of the afternoon.

First cutt of the day

The bigger fish of the day, but look at the next pic to see what happens when you try get proof of your catch when solo.

Poof... Vanishing fish act.

Lets try that again

The Lake Range

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Settling down?

June marches forward and so does the thaw, but that looks to be calming down! after a week of good weather, the mountains are starting to run out juice and the truckee should start to settle down. Here is a few graphs from our real time water section.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday June 5th

Kellen and I got out for a day in the Sierras. The Truckee river is chocolate milk all the way through the town of Truckee. We ended up fishing the Little Truckee and had some luck throwing nymphs, size 18 pheasant tail was the bread winner. The flows are down to 40cfs and the water is crystal clear. Put on your ninja shoes because these fish are spooky! Even your best ninja impression wont likely do you a ton of good because of the 350 other people crammed on the river like its a pier in San Fransisco. The deeper holes were money but even then the fish had lock jaw fighting for space at the feet of anglers. We gave the LT a break and checked out Prosser creak. Prosser creak is flowing like the amazon right now. Flows are way up but the water is nice and clear. Presure on Prosser is about the same as on the LT, which is to be expected with the Truckee being fully blown out from start to finish. My best guess, I'd give it at least another week, but more like 2 until the Truckee river gets back to fishable conditions.

Here's a little team work action, Kellen on the cliff with the cam, Me down on the log. You can see the fish just to the left of the bush right in front of the camera.
Little Truckee June 2010 5

Fish On
Little Truckee June 2010 2

The fruits of our labor
Little Truckee June 2010 4

Keep your eyes open for this
Little Truckee June 2010 3

Fantastic day in the Sierras
Little Truckee June 2010 1