Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Go Fish Pyramid, nowish.

Well, we were sort of right, the Truckee river isn't amazoning at 2.5k cfs but it's still going strong and that isn't making the hunt any easier. Reports from east of town tell us that it's still pretty messy while up stream is a bit more conducive to soakin flies. The title of this post should indicate a good alternative. I went out to Pyramid solo this evening (Wed June 16th). I got on the water at about 6:30pm and fished till about 8pm, with about an hour total of time with line in water. That hour netted 5 fish. The first one came as soon as my flies hit the water. I was literally stripping my line off the reel with my flies about 10 feet out (but it was only a Tui chub). The second fish came on the first real cast, about 20 feet out. 20 to 30 feet out was pretty much the norm. I was throwing a White Wind Whistle (Slightly modified Barr's meat whistle)
Right around 7:30 the bite seemed to die off so get out there around 5:30-6ish and see what you can manage. The season is only open for a couple more weeks. I was fishing shot dog beach but I would guess any beach providing a good drop off will produce results. There was a fair number of gnats on the surface so I through the nymph stack out and hooked up pretty quick. The indicator took off an left a wake that reminded me of that scene from Jaws, when they've got em pegged with the floating barrels.
Kellen's the guy in the middle. Dan on the right, dreaming about clubbin, me on the left, catchin fish.
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Here's a few shots of the afternoon.

First cutt of the day

The bigger fish of the day, but look at the next pic to see what happens when you try get proof of your catch when solo.

Poof... Vanishing fish act.

Lets try that again

The Lake Range

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