Sunday, June 20, 2010


Kellen, Brandon and I headed out to Hobart yesterday (Saturday June 19th) with the tubes. The road is a bit worse off than it was last year but you can still make it up there with no problems if you have a slightly higher than normal rig. Brandon's Chevy was scraping undercarriage on some of the washes. This tiny lake doesnt need any more publicity but the post shall go on, we had a good time. Spread over the three of us, we had a 100 fish day. Those 100 fish probably came to a grand total of 10 lbs combined. You dont go to Hobart to catch big fish, just alot of small fish. The largest fish of the day likely topped out at about 12 inches. Brookies, Tigers and Rainbows on just about anything on top water in the morning then shifted to buggers at just about any depth in the water column later on in the day. Hobart is a single hook, barbless artificial lure only fishery with a small bag limit, but good luck catching a fish big enough to keep! Brookies are the only species in the lake that naturally reproduce. The tigers and rainbows are planted.

Pig of the day. A real hog.

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