Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday June 5th

Kellen and I got out for a day in the Sierras. The Truckee river is chocolate milk all the way through the town of Truckee. We ended up fishing the Little Truckee and had some luck throwing nymphs, size 18 pheasant tail was the bread winner. The flows are down to 40cfs and the water is crystal clear. Put on your ninja shoes because these fish are spooky! Even your best ninja impression wont likely do you a ton of good because of the 350 other people crammed on the river like its a pier in San Fransisco. The deeper holes were money but even then the fish had lock jaw fighting for space at the feet of anglers. We gave the LT a break and checked out Prosser creak. Prosser creak is flowing like the amazon right now. Flows are way up but the water is nice and clear. Presure on Prosser is about the same as on the LT, which is to be expected with the Truckee being fully blown out from start to finish. My best guess, I'd give it at least another week, but more like 2 until the Truckee river gets back to fishable conditions.

Here's a little team work action, Kellen on the cliff with the cam, Me down on the log. You can see the fish just to the left of the bush right in front of the camera.
Little Truckee June 2010 5

Fish On
Little Truckee June 2010 2

The fruits of our labor
Little Truckee June 2010 4

Keep your eyes open for this
Little Truckee June 2010 3

Fantastic day in the Sierras
Little Truckee June 2010 1

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  1. Nice site guys. My buddy and I are just getting into fly fishing (life long spinners) our friend, who is in the Corp, got us hooked and my dad is pumped since he has been fly fishing Northern Nevada for about 25 years. Thanks for the pics and info, it just fuels the fire.