Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Streamers in Chocolate milk

The weather as it is, it's tough to not get out on the water after work even if the close stuff is still a bit soupy. Kellen and I headed east this afternoon and upon arrival may have been a bit intimidated. The water is high and dirty. In Reno the water looks to be clear but a couple of big tributaries to the east really muck things up. We went on with our plan any how and started throwing some big streamers behind the shooting head rigs. After we finally got across the river we were pleasantly suprised. Over the course of an hour we managed to pull in a nice bow and a little brown.
In review, dont let the high flows and dirty water keep you from getting out. The fish are still feeding. throw on your pyramid lake shooting head with some shine on your streamer (or jumbo john in Kellen's case) and get ready for some hard hits.

Here's a poor quality video to offend your visual and audio senses, might even taste bad.

The end result
Truckee River Rainbow

This brown came out of some fast dirty water

Truckee River Brown

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