Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer standards

Thomas and I made our way up near the town of Truckee this weekend to fish that section of the Truckee River. We didnt get on the water until about 8am and didnt really have any action until around 11am. The insect action was minimal though we did see some surface action happening in a nice deep tailout section. Tom took off around noon and I must have thrown flies to one feeding fish for 2 and half hours. I managed to get him to take 3 times but each hook set produced that whistling WHIFF sound and no fish. Earlier in the day my stack consisted of a Burke's bottom roller followed by BH Prince, followed by a green drake pattern I had tied up the night prior. No luck! Fished pocket water, some deeper runs, nothin. swung a belly ache minnow pattern throw some of the deeper runs as well with no love. Once we came to the deep tailout section Tom noticed some legit surface feeding. After throwing a multitude of flies, they seemed to prefer the little yellow stone pattern the best. I was using a custom pattern that I will put on in our flies section here shortly. By the time 2:30 rolled around, the rafting traffic had become more annoying than I cared to put up with so I retired and went home to sit in the AC and have a few hundred beers.

The main lessons learned from this outting: Get out there early, rise before the sun and get on the water asap. Conversly, sleep in. Get some chores done, tie up some caddis and stone patterns and head out for the evening bite. The raft rats and tube traffic will be spookin the fish in the warmer part of the day. Pretty much the standard for the summer.

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