Thursday, October 21, 2010


This weekend looks to be one that might keep the masses off the lake. With rain in the forecast for the weekend we might anticipate fewer folks on the water. The cutts in Pyramid wake up when the weather turns to shit. My old man and uncle Mel hit Pyramid today and pulled in a productive morning. These old guys don't cast flies but their techniques elude to what we might try. 35 feet deep, green was the color of choice. I plan on showing a chartreuse / red crystal bugger followed by the trusty late night with John Voit (midnight cowboy). The report today came from areas south of the nets. This past weekend on my way back from chukar hunting in the black rocks I stopped by the creel station. The report was slow but a boat at the pyramid had a 30 fish day and a gent fishing south nets pulled in a 32in cutt. If the weather doesn't turn you to hunting water fowl, Pyramid might make your Saturday a good one on the water. Also, the Truckee east of town likes to flex big fish when the rain commits. We'll report back on Saturday evening with a wrap up. See you out there.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our Pyramid opener

Most of us weren't able to make it out to Pyramid last week but we did this weekend. Kellen and I started at South Nets beach. We had planned on hitting the east side of the lake but the road is closed at this time because it is a soupy mess. First cast of the morning didn't come until about 8am but produced a healthy cutt on a midnight cowboy bugger. I fished the same bugger stack all day on my shooting head and managed to catch 4 and lost a couple others. All but one of mine came on the midnight cowboy, the other on a chartreuse bugger with black hackle / tail. We were hooking up in various water depths at different sections of the column. Shot dog beach was the most productive producing 3 fish and lost 2. With temps dipping down to the forties overnight, the fishing is only going to get better. We were in our pontoon boats doing OK and guys out in boats seemed to be having decent luck as well deeper down. Mixed reviews from folks fishing from shore. The creel station had indicated that a boat over at Anderson reported 9 fish with 5 hours fished and one boat had reported 6 fish from the needles. If you've got a tube, that's going to be your best bet to cover water and find fish. Look for the beaches with deeper water access, they are producing more reliably .




Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dude, wait, what?

This was a stupid busy summer and we didn't get out much at all. The few times we did get out left us with heads hung and very little to report. Fear not! Pyramid opened up last weekend but produced mixed reviews. Seems like there was limited success on flies but that is to be expected with the warm weather. This recent stint of cool weather is going to drop those surface temps and the fish are going to start gettin hungry. This weekend looks like an awesome opportunity to get out and get bit. This weekend, with the weather that came before it reminds me of one of the best pyramid openers (and days of fly fishing) I have ever had. We are going to take the toon boats to the far side and see what we can make happen. See you out there!