Thursday, October 21, 2010


This weekend looks to be one that might keep the masses off the lake. With rain in the forecast for the weekend we might anticipate fewer folks on the water. The cutts in Pyramid wake up when the weather turns to shit. My old man and uncle Mel hit Pyramid today and pulled in a productive morning. These old guys don't cast flies but their techniques elude to what we might try. 35 feet deep, green was the color of choice. I plan on showing a chartreuse / red crystal bugger followed by the trusty late night with John Voit (midnight cowboy). The report today came from areas south of the nets. This past weekend on my way back from chukar hunting in the black rocks I stopped by the creel station. The report was slow but a boat at the pyramid had a 30 fish day and a gent fishing south nets pulled in a 32in cutt. If the weather doesn't turn you to hunting water fowl, Pyramid might make your Saturday a good one on the water. Also, the Truckee east of town likes to flex big fish when the rain commits. We'll report back on Saturday evening with a wrap up. See you out there.

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