Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pyramid in the Wind

With winter in full swing the fishing is slow but they are still biting. Christmas Eve morning had me waiting for the sun to warm the air before the traditional fishing trip got under way. By noon it had warmed to a pleasant 35* with winds so light that they almost beg you to go throw a fly. Got to the lake to find that, as usual, Pyramid had its own ideas of what the weather was going to do for us. We were greeted with a 15mph wind coming directly out of the east making casting close to impossible and cooling the temperatures down a few degrees. Started throwing a stack with a #2 purple woooly up front followed by an olive bugger in #4. Between the 30mph gusts we would get as many cast in as possible then revert back to throwing spoons when the wind kicked up. Chris was able to hook up with 2 smaller fish on spoons during the gusts of wind. Finally on the third calm set I was able to get my stack a ways out past the shelf, and on the third strip in got hit hard and was able to net a 21" Cutthroat.


This was our only fish to hand for the day. We put in another hour or so after that but with no gloves and the expectation for calm winds we just werent prepared to stick it out.

Between 1 and 8 fish per day should be the standard for Pyramid through the end of February when we should start seeing warmer days bring the fish up from there deep winter hideouts. For now a 2 bugger system should be the norm with an attractor up front followed by a more natural color.

Good Luck

- Brandon

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cold on Sunday

I went out east of town Sunday and it was cold! I fished from about 1pm to 4pm and when the ice was too much to break off my eyelets I decided to call it quits. I didn’t hook up with anything and lost a couple rigs on the bottom, but that’s where the fish are when it’s cold like that. Take your time and try to fish the slower deeper water. You’ll need to get your stack within a few inches of the fish’s nose so that means getting near the bottom. Be prepared to retie and bring plenty of small midges and mayflies… Last November I hooked up with a 27” brown on an olive slump buster, fished deep and slow… but it wasn’t as cold as it was last weekend. It looks like the high is going to be in mid 40’s for a while and this weekend it’s probably going to be pretty wet. The flows have been jumpy throughout the day but they’re not bad right now. Just fish low and slow…