Sunday, January 9, 2011

A COLD Sunday on the Truckee

After a long, cold December, I decided it was time to get off my lazy ass and get out on the river. I loaded up the rig and headed West of town around 12:30 pm, while the sun was still shining.

The anchor ice was present, but wasn't terrible. I had my 6 weight rigged with a bugger stack, and my 4 weight rigged with a Stone, Prince, Zebra and a drop shot to start. Kellen was on his way, but I decided to get out on the water while it was still "warm."

After 30 minutes of fishing, I managed to settle on a decent hole with very slow, deep water. About 15 minutes into fishing the whole I hooked up with a nice 14 - 15 inch rainbow, that put up much more of a fight than I expected. I hooked him on my 4 weight, but with the frigid water, I didn't expect as much from the fish. The fish took my trailing fly, a size 20 black zebra midge with an ostrich herl collar.

About an hour later Kellen showed up, and I pointed him to the same hole I had pulled my fish from. within 15 minutes, he hooked another nice rainbow around 17 - 18 inches out of the same hole on a pink pyramidge with a glass bead head. Both fish were extremely healthy, and his fish couldn't wait for the camera before it lunged back into the water.

We scouted the area a bit more, but the temps dropped quickly and it was time to head home. Not a bad winter's day though, with 2 very decent fish landed. The goal right now is to fish slow, deep pockets using small nymphs and midges. The "drop-shot" seems to be a good technique for getting your flies down, and slowing them down quite a bit in the current.

Here are some pics from the day:

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