Monday, January 31, 2011

Escape the weather, head to Pyramid Lake

The weather man said it was going to be rainy and snowy in town today so the decision was made to hit Pyramid for a couple hours. Its funny how a break in the clouds, no moving air and some sun can make you want to do nothing more than stand around tossing a shooting head into open water for hours. Thats how it was for us Sunday. We got to the Sandhole about 10am and were greeted by a completely glassy Pyramid Lake. The crowds were light for sandhole so jumped in and started making some casts. We saw 2 guys down the beach land 2 smaller fish. After some Rambo eavesdropping i found out they had caught there 2 on chartreuse beetles. Another guy had gotten into them the day before fishing midges under an idicator so dont forget your floating line! We forgot our floating line so it was dragging buggers on the bottom for us. Once sandhole got all hip-hop on us we jammed over to Indian Head were there wasnt a soul for a mile or more. Once again in about 20 minutes we were surrounded by ladder fishermen and spincasters having bud light lime for breakfast. We landed one here before heading to Crosbys for a couple beers and a new fishing spot. NOTE: Crosby's makes a mean chili dog. After making a fool of myself at Crosbys by dumpnig and entire tray of fries all over the floor and my pants it was off to Windless. These temps have definitely pushed the fish up shallower but dont expect it to last to terribly long with the cold front moving through. I hooked another fish here but lost it at my feet. All in all not a bad way to spend a winter day.. had to get away from the fly tying desk.

Pyramid Lake cutthroat
Our one fish to hand for the day.

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