Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nnnew years ddddday

It was chilly but we headed up the hill west of town today and fished near the California border. We were contemplating braving the weather and heading up to the little Truckee to see if it was accessible but realized it was day 1 of the new year and our Ca licenses would need renewing before we could do that. We started at pump house and moved up stream to the state line. The bite was tough but Kellen pulled a pretty brown out of the pad in front of a big rock at the tail end of some slow deep water. I was dead drifting big streamers all afternoon under an indicator with no luck. Kellen's brown took a size 16 orange vinyl midge with white glass bead head. Kellen applied a little bass technique called a drop shot which is a fantastic idea. One reason I hate using split shots to get my stack down is the propensity of your line to snap at the split shot. Using a drop shot, you'll tie a short length of line off your trailing fly and then clamp the split shot on the end of it. This will get your stack down to the bottom and in the fish's face where it needs to be. Also with a split shot rolling on the rocks your a little less prone to snags.
Here are a few images from our afternoon out.

Shortly after the pic, Kellen ate shit for the first time today, more to follow. Beware of ice under foot.

Here is a nice shot when the clouds broke for a few.

Kellen's Brown and his spiffy new video cam sunglasses. Hopefully we will learn how to use em and get some good footage.

See you out there.


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  1. Haha likin' that ttttitle. Dude, that's a great tip on the drop shot-- saves a few flies I bet.

    glad you're getting out there