Monday, January 24, 2011

Truckee River - Spring?

Its not spring yet but it sure felt like it this weekend on the river. We fished for a small period of time on Saturday mostly searching for new winter holes in town that we can hit for a quick session here or there. With nothing to show after a couple hours and enjoying the unseasonably warm sun it was time to head back home for a couple beers and to tie a few flies in preparation for tomorrows trip.

Sunday morning came and we were riggng up to hit a new spot just west of town. It had a good quick run tailing out into about a 4-6ft deep hole. We fished it for an hour throwing a variety of midge and small baetis patterns for nothing. Another guy who I now know was a co-worker came down to that spot about 30 minutes before we left. He hooked a small whitefish while we were there and landed 2 after we left. After that we decided to hit an old in town spot that NDOW likes to drop planters, Mayberry. Fished a couple deep runs near the park and was able to pull one nice little rainbow. Like Tom has said in a previous report these fish are fighting hard for the winter. The fish came on a hotwire prince nymph, embarrassingly enough I’ll admit that the one fish I lost that day came on a bad knot. It hit a size 16 Hunchback Infrequen(HBI) and my knot came unraveled. Im a loser.
truckee fish
cute little average town rainbow

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