Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Difference a Week can Make

The last two weeks on Pyramid were on fire for just about everyone, but all good things must come to an end. The fishing last weekend slowed down just in time for the onslaught of yahoos that are the Presidents Day Fishing Derby crowd. For 2 weekends in February every shoreline and trollable piece of water is covered with folks trying to nab a winning fish. These fishing tournaments have always disappiointed me because its basically a fish kill for anything over 7lbs that hit the net. I understand people keep fish and that it is part of the sport, but so many beautiful fish are taken and killed during these derbys at Pyramid. I do want to say that not everyone that is weighing in fish is killing them as I witnessed a fly fisherman Sunday run a still kicking 10lb fish to the scales, drop him back in a large cooler full of water and then quickly drove down to the nets to release it. That made me pretty stoked to see.

Back to "report". Saturday was a pretty slow day. Bob, Dan and myself headed out for what we hoped would be another awesome weekend. We showed up to our favorite little beach around 10 to an already packeed point. We moved into the bay and fished for an hour with no takers. Jumped in the rigs and headed to Monument and Shot Dog for nothing. Empty handed we decided to call it quits since Bob, being a new father(congratulations darling), had to get home to a wife and child.

Sunday eneded up being a little better for us. We were able to bring 4 to shore in a few hours and actually saw other catching fish as well. The bite seemed to get a little better as the wind picked up. Here are some of the fish we were able to get on Sunday.
Finally no iPhone pictures

they were all this size


Hopefully this nasty front moving through the area this week will stir things up out there and get those fish active again. If not, the size 16 BWOs are starting to come off on the river so get down there and soak a stack.


  1. You got some really nice photos on this particular trip. I'm heading to Reno in March... think I may have to spend some time out there and try my luck.


  2. Hey thanks Brian, we finally got the Cannon 7D out to shoot with. It also does video in 1080p so hopefully we will have some quality video soon. Maybe we will see you on the river in March!