Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pyramid Lake - More of the Usual

A friend of ours, Dan, was able to pull himself off the couch long enough to hit Pyramid Lake before heading to work. He started at Popcorn around 9am throwing a standard purple and black wooly bugger stack. After an hour or so he moved to hip-hop beach(Blockhouse) and hooked up immediately with a cute little 18" cut. No other fish to the beach that day but 1 is all you need to keep you coming back. He said there were 6 guys fishing Blockhouse and it was a wednesday in February. If you have never fished Pyramid Lake and plan on coming and if you are looking for solitude do not go to Blockhouse.

pyramid lake cutt

Seems all of our fish and the fish we have been seeing others catch this winter have been right about this size. If the weather stays like this and spring is as early as the groundhog predicted then we should be getting a full push of fish moving shallow in no time.

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