Monday, March 28, 2011

Get while the gettin's gettable

I wont say the gettin is going to be good but I would venture to say there some gettin to be got! The Truckee river flows have dropped down to near normal around 600cfs in town (I guess for this time of year anything between 300cfs and 2300cfs is normal) and visibility is something on the order of 3 to 4 feet through greenish water. I stopped by the normal spot off spice island to check things out on my way home and noticed a fair midge hatch along with plenty of brown and green caddis larvae hanging out under rocks with the standard olive baetis buddies hangin out with em. While I haven't had the opportunity to hit the river since the flows "Stabilized", term used loosely, I would shoot for slower riffle and tail outs. Throw a tripple stack to gauge the menu with a skwala stone, hairs ear and a red midge. while the caddis larvae are getting more numerous they dont tend to become the abundant food source until late spring into summer, favoring the summer months.
This week is going to bring some spring thaw our way with valley temps near and into the 70s. The flows out of prossor res have dropped way down and boca has been corked with flows out the dam at nothing. This will slow the flows but the water color is majorily contingent on the dirty thaw water. Flows below derby dam are always pretty constant compared to the rest of the river but that far down stream the water gets dirty early with the quick thaw from the Pah Rah and Virginia ranges.
This is also a great time to hit the Little Truckee if the either the road is doable or you have the gumption (spelling?) to make the walk. The roads are not plowed beyond the dam at Boca and last I heard (not that you'll need to cross it) traffic was not allowed across because of super heavy outflow. Since there isnt any water coming out of the dam now, that probably isnt the case.
Flows on the east walker are getting down to normal again but are still high. Currently they are running just above 220, I've never fished it higher than 120cfs so I have no valuable input and unfortunately Ken's sport hasnt updated the report since november. I will send them an email in the next few days and make sure they arent burried under an avalanche.
With rising temps, Pyramid will likely be the most comfortable option. Early mornings and evenings are always a good bet but lately it has been producing through out the day as well. Both nymphing under an indicator with midges and throwing streamers has been working. I try to get fancy with some new streamer patterns but the standard midnight cowboy and olive wooly buggers are keeping the rod bent.
With some luck, I'll get out to the lake on Sunday and have a report.
See you out there.

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