Friday, March 18, 2011

Stuck in a rut

None of us have been very active over the past month with the weather variations and other obligations. when you can't fish, tie! I haven't even been doing much of that lately but we are hitting Pyramid this Sunday so I've started tying a few patterns. The Bellyache Minnow is one of those minnow patterns that I think is simply amazing but doesn't get much press. This time of year big flashy patterns pay off when the Truckee transforms itself in split pea soup, or chocolate milk, depending on your favorite simile. We've fished some flows on the Truckee that seemed hopeless and had luck on the swing with some big shiny streamers. Now is the time to put your patterns to the test. I dropped by the river on the way home from work yesterday to have a look at conditions. Near Rock park the river was flowing quick with maybe a foot of cloudy brown visibility. Current conditions show the flows at Vista around 1300cfs, about 800cfs above normal.

Here's the Bellyache Minnow, I like to epoxy the head when I'm finished, mixing a little glitter in for hip hop appeal.
Bellyache Minnow

Here's a good video on the tie
"Bellyache Minnow"

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