Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pyramid Lake - A Few hours, A Few fish

With winds nearing the 30mph mark on Saturday it was the perfect time to open a few beers around noon and think about getting a line wet on Sunday. Sunday was forecasted to be a beautiful day after a hard north wind and dropping barometer the day before. In general fishing right after the low can spell disaster with little to no wind, bright blue skies and confused trout. Occasionally you break the mold and at first today didnt seem like one of those days. Arriving to the lake around 9 i noticed Tom had the point at Indian Head with room for me to squeeze in. Right away I noticed the guys just on the south side of the point catching all the fish with guys to the south and north getting 1 or 2. At this point the wind was still coming out of the north around 10 mph but had enough current that the fish seemed to be staying out of it. Tom lost one at Indian Head and we made an adjustment, Windless. Well, my $.02 about Windless is that if you are dragging streamers stay on the south side of the bay because after losing 2 stacks to rocks it was time to make yet another adjustment. Shot Dog. Shot dog is a great place for those fish who havent quite commited to the shallows yet as the whole bay is very near deep water access but allows a short commute to the shallow sandy bottoms of the beaches directly north and south(this is my "professional" opinion).

Within 10 minutes of being at Shot Dog Tom pulled this.

On the very next cast he caught this, our largest fish today going about 25"
Release shot

Then we had a double, here is the larger of the double. Unfortunately while setting up for the pic of our only male he flopped... but at least we have some proof.

The last fish to hand for the day. All in all 5 fish in 45mins with a few more lost and a couple missed hits.

Tom did lose a pig on this day and thats all I will say about that.

FYI - Your favorite Black Rock Fly Casters(myself and Bob) will be entertaining folks on the East Walker next weekend so bring your whoopi cushions and favorite spinny hats and get ready for a good ass time.