Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuckee River - August 19

The stars finally aligned, and Kellen, Bob and I were able to get out on the river for some afternoon fishing finally. We met up around 4:30 East of town, and chatted for awhile with another local fly fisherman before hitting the river. With the flows sitting right around 500 CFS east of town, the fishing conditions were fantastic.

We started downstream from the rigs, and I immediately hooked into a fish that spit my flies. I haven't had much luck landing fish over the last few weeks, and this evening was no different. We ended up fishing the same hole for around an hour without any luck. Bob took to investigating the hole with a snorkel. It was quite a site seeing some guy floating down the river in boxers and wading boots face down in the water. That must have been some kind of party...

We grabbed our gear and moved upstream a few hundred yards to fish a nice tailout. The water was warm and moving fairly quickly, but we came up empty handed. Kellen managed to hook one in this hole, but he apparently suffers from the same disorder I do right now. It's called the "One that got away disorder".

We moved up another few hundred yards, and found a nice deep run facing a rock cliff. Shortly before dark I moved up above Bob and Kellen to a slower pool and managed to hook 2 more losing both of them. The last fish took my trailing flies with him, and put up a pretty good fight. The flies of the evening were a leading stonefly with a Prince #16 and Red Copper John #18 trailing. I'm not certain what Bob and Kellen were throwing, but our stacks were fairly similar.

All in all, we lost 4 fish in 3 - 4 hours. We did notice a decent caddis hatch around 7:30 or 7:45 (just before dark), but not too much surface feeding. Be sure to keep a drag free drift when fishing your runs. The fish are fairly picky, and won't hit if your flies are dragging.

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