Sunday, October 9, 2011

A beautiful afternoon on the lake

I was going to attempt a trip out to Pyramid Sunday morning, but went to the home opener of the Wolfpack Saturday night, and was a bit slow out the door this morning. After a few errands and breakfast with the fam, I managed to sneak out for an afternoon trip, which was definitely worth it.

I packed my fishing buddy Ollie into the rig, and got out on the lake around 2 pm. I went to our default beach, and noticed a few gents posted up on the point chucking a variety of hardware and flies. I chatted with them for a few and discovered that they had a very good day. They had around 5 fish on the stringer, and had tossed back quite a few more.

I immediately posted up on the Bay side of the point and tied on a Chartreuse bugger trailed by an Olive Crystal bugger. Within 15 minutes I had my first fish on, a decent 15 inch cutt. This caused one of the guys on the point to grab his fly rod and give it a whirl. He hooked into a nice 20 inch cutt and landed it quickly.

I fished the bay for another hour or so without much activity. I did notice mass quantities of bait swimming around, and could see a few flashes in close to the shore. Most of the guys on the point packed up so I moved out to the point and tied on a tan bugger. Within 30 minutes I landed my second fish, a nice 20 inch cutt that put up a pretty good fight.

20 inch cutthroat

I caught my final fish of the day after everyone had cleared out. I noticed a swarm of bait swimming in the shallows to the left of the Point, and started casting over the cloud. I immediately hooked a 22 inch cut that was obviously trolling the swarms for stragglers.

I fished for a few more minutes, without any luck. All in all, 3 fish in 3 hours, and some really fantastic weather. Winds were calm and the water was clear. Here are a few pics:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pyramid Lake - Opening Day

So I made it out on opening day, and of course I forgot the camera... The fishing was slow going for the first hour, but I didn't get on the lake until 12:30, so I expected a slow day. Some hardware tossers just up from me seemed to have decent success, and I waited until they left before I moved into the spot their were fishing.

Within a few minutes of shifting positions to the point at Indian Head, I managed to hook a nice 22 -23 inch female cutthroat. She was a very healthy fish and actually hit my flies as I was pulling a knot out of my line and my flies were drifting within 15 feet of me. Within 2 casts I had another fish on of ok size, but soon realized it was not the fish I should be fishing for and got it in and released it immediately.

In total I landed 2 fish and managed to get a few hits here and there. The bite seemed to pick up during the windiest parts of the day. I did see a cloud of bait fish swim by in the shallows, but didn't notice any takers. The fish were close to shore though, and each fish was caught on a natural colored bugger.

Looks like pyramid might be a good bet early this year. The fish are active right now, and the temps are fantastic. Get out there before it gets too cold

The rest of us hit the lake at sun up @ indian head beach. The bite was pretty steady up to about 11am when the wind shifted in to our face and we called it a morning. Brandon will post some pics of the fish we caught but it was pretty much the same story as Tom. We were catching fish right in close just where the shelf drops off in to deeper water. The bait clouds were big and thick. We did see some slot fish burning through the clouds like sharks out in the ocean, it was a pretty cool thing to see. The consistant color was Solid chartreuse bugger pattern. We hooked up on midnight cowboy as well as purple/black as well as olive buggers. Indian head was pretty busy on the point all the way in to the bay and everyone was catching fish. Porn to follow as soon as Brandon gets the pics of Dans camera.