Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pyramid Lake - Thanksgiving Morning

For sometime now Thanksgiving has meant more than turkey, stuffing, family, or booze, its meant hunting. I have always enjoyed getting out in the outdoors on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning, its a good way to center yourself before sitting around with family for hours rehashing the same old stuff over and over. Not that I dont appreciate or love them, but it always seems the same. How is work? How is life? Have a girlfriend? The answer to the last is almost always an inevitable NO.

You see, having a girlfriend would really put a stranglehold on my ability to participate in outdoor activities, at least it has on everyone else I know, so until I meet a nice fly fisherwoman or a chukar with human breasts and a vagina I think I will stick to my current way of life which is to spend every free day on the lake, in the river, or hunting some variety of wild game (This was for you old man, you will get your grandchildren eventually).

Moving on... This years Thanksgiving outdoor adventure was influenced by our good friend Steve who was visiting from D.C. and was in deperate need for some outdoor love. Steve is not a fly fisherman so some fish were caught on spoons, please dont judge him.

Thursday morning started off cold and windy as is usually the case in November and December in this region. The nice thing about Thursday's weather was that timed bouts of dead calm would sweep through every 20 minutes making the wind very bearable. We started off at the same old beach we always go to and found that even with an earlier than desired wake up call we weren't the first guys there. "Our spot" was already taken so we moved inside the bay to another good ledge and started tossing flies. The bite seemed slow at first as the guys on the point were struggling to get a bite. Steve struck first with a nice hen cutthroat of average size (18-19").


Next Dan hooks and lands the second fish of the day, a nice trout with a head that seemed disproportionately large compared to the rest of his body.


I scored the last 2fish of the day but seemed like I had gotten the short end of the stick in the size category (story of my life).


At the end of the day we had 4 fish come to shore. No monsters today, but the tug at the end of your line combined with one hell of a view made for a nice start to the Thanksgiving holiday. We'll see you out there Christmas morning too!


  1. Nice-- looks like a great day-- that last shot is awesome.

  2. Thanks Brian, been loving your blog lately. Really makes me want to get up to Oregon and wet a line.

    Maybe we will see you on the river sometime this year.