Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pyramid - Opening Weekend Pictures

Well guys, I'm an ass. I have had some pictures from our opener at Pyramid along with some video and I have just not posted whether due to time, hunting, or just plain laziness. After a summer of pretty much sitting around thinking about fly fishing we finally got out of our chairs and hit the water.

The lake produced a mixed bag for a lot of folks that weekend. Fortunately for us our opening day spot did not dissapoint. We hooked into multiple fish, landed some and lost some. As it so happens the 2 biggest fish of the trip (hardest fighting at least) popped off mid fight. We were able to take a few fish over the 20" mark and saw a few over the 24" mark taken as well by spin fishermen.

As noted by a previous post the name of the game was bait... if you found a bait ball then keep your casts short and your strips very fast. The quick strip seemed to entice the bite far better than a medium paced strip (as I noticed while comparing techniques to a friend on saturday). It was a given that everytime I saw that bait there would be a hookup. It was an exciting couple of days and a great feeling to get back out to Pyramid where everything started for us. Enjoy the fish porn below.





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