Friday, May 11, 2012

Pyramid Lake 5/15

Talk about a busy May... I haven't had time to do much of anything besides get the lawn back in Spring/Summer condition and finish up my honey-do items. Work has kept me busy, which is a good thing I guess, but it definitely doesn't leave much time for fishin'. I finally caught a break today, and played hooky so I could give Pyramid another shot. With 76 degree weather and very light wind, how could you pass up the opportunity?

I got out to the lake around 7 am. I rigged up my rods for dragging and nymphing, although I only threw the buggers 4 or 5 times all day. The wind was a pain in butt early, blowing in my face at a steady click. Since Indian Head isn't sheltered at all, it took a little maneuvering to get into an optimal spot to fish the ledge. Luckily for me, the wind and current were moving in the same direction, so I could let my flies drift the ledge for 40 - 50 yards without too much mending.

Within 45 minutes I had my first fish:

My next cast landed this female:

I managed to land 7 fish today... the first three came within minutes of each other, and the other 4 were a little more sporadic. I also lost an absolute beast, but I have no idea how large it was. Within 30 seconds of hooking up, my indicator came flying out of the water and my stack was gone... It din't look like knot failure either. I'm pretty sure it was the 6 lb test I had on, which I later changed to a 10 lb test to insure I wouldn't lose another one.

The fish are putting up a fight, and they're in close to shore now. I saw multiple fish trolling the shallows looking for tasty morsels. All of my fish were caught on my nymph rig, which is probably why the fight seemed much better. All I can say is get out there before it gets too hot. Now is the time to catch some fish.

Pyramid Lake 4/21

Pyramid Lake has been rough this year. Every person I have talked to has mentioned that the fishing has been slow at best, and I would have to agree... The season started well, but with the mild weather and abnormally high water this year, the Cutt's have been cruising the deep water filling up on chubs while we sit on the shore throwing flies at nothing.

As soon as the weather began to warm though, I knew that things would have to turn around. With a 70+ degree day, I tossed my gear in the rig and decided to head out. I got out to Indian head around 6:30 am, and there was only 1 other couple fly fishing. I chatted them up for a minute and noticed they were rigging up nymphing rigs for the day. I had my 4 weight (disclaimer: if you tell somebody you're fishing for cutt's on a 4 weight, their eyes will widen) so I through a nymph rig on it, and rigged up my 6 weight for the standard bottom dragging rig of a bugger with a white beetle trailer.

After stripping streamers for a bit, I realized I wasn't attracting anything but weeds. I looked to my right and sure enough one of the other 2 folks had a decent cut on a nymph. I watched him pull in 2 more in short order and decided it was time to throw caution to the window and break out the 4 weight. My stack consisted of a #8 Prince Nymph, #8 Red Chironomid, and #8 Green Chironomid.

It took me about 30 minutes to finally hook into my first cutt in quite a while... this decent 18 incher here:

I tried my luck for another 45 minutes or so, but gave up and headed to another beach.

Shot Dog was my next stop, and let me tell you that the Shot Dog has been terrible. The underwater plant life loves to cocoon your flies with a nice sticky film, and really pisses you off more than anything. I gave up after 15 minutes and moved down to Wino, which I hadn't visited in a couple of years.

Wino was hip hop as usual. Between the 10 - 12 fly fisherman and the kids playing beach volleyball, I didn't expect much success. Especially when said kids were bumping teeny bopper crap like Justin Beeber and Flo Rida. I posted up right in the middle of the bay, and managed to land this smaller cut on the same nymph stack:

Not much of a hog, and he really didn't put up much of a fight either. I thought I had a stick on at first...

Needless to say, a 2 fish day is better than a no fish day. I chalked it up to a success; especially after the countless days of getting skunked this Winter. It looks like the fishing is finally starting to pick up out there, finally.

May 10, 2012 - Lunch Time Delight

Here it is. The first fish I've caught since last October and the first post I've made in probably a year or so... I think I've only fished 4 times since January of 2011.

This is your small Steamboat Ditch carp. The picture really doesn't do it any justice but I figured it around 25" - 27", just eye balling. Carp are some of the finest fighting fish out there and this one was no exception. The carp are feeding off of and around the grasses right now. I found that in large groups they aren't very scary so you can get pretty close to them. This one hit a #10 olive streamer Bob tied for me that I was bouncing off the bottom along the edge of a grass patch. He hit probably on the 30th cast and I think it was more annoyed than it was hungry... bout 11:30 in the morning yesterday.

So things are slowing down a little bit for some of us and in addition to taking up new hobbies we're going to be on the river a lot more. I personally intend to target the Nevada part of the Truckee particularly hard this year and may post some on these hobbies too.

Remember to check out the updated flows on the site before you head out to the river. They are always up to date and accurate.