Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knott Creek Reservoir 6/21-24/2012

This past weekend a few of us took a long weekend up to Knott Creek Reservoir.  This is one of those trips that we don't get to do but maybe once a year due to the drive but it is always well worth the effort.  Kellen left before the rest of us on Thursday morning and had some rig problems, breaking down in the middle of the Black Rock Desert is always a good time.  He was able to figure out was was wrong, hiked to a mine and called the Ford dealership in Reno and bought the replacement part.  I was having breakfast with my wife that morning and got a call from him asking that we swing by Reno Ford and pick the part up at the parts dept.  The rest of us ended up meeting him on the planned road on the east side of the Black Rock Desert and put our six brains together to become a minor diesel mechanic. 
3 working Toyota's and a broke down Ford

Hearing a diesel engine fire up never sounded so good.  We got back on track and landed in camp at about 6pm.
BRFC Knott Creek 2

The following three days were days that you wish you could live over and over again.  The days were lazy and the fishing was good.  The afternoons topped out in the mid 70's with overnight lows in the low 40s to high 30s.  We had great relaxing / sleeping weather.  By about 10am each day the wind picked up so bad that it was difficult to stay on the water so we'd retire to camp for a couple hours of bullshittin.  Even in the wind the fish were surfacing all day and we'd drunk stagger down to the shore for some mid day nymph soaking.  Copper Johns and red, pink, or black midges did the trick under an indicator.  Stripping wooly buggers in just about any color worked well from the pontoon boats but the midnight cowboy was the MVP.  We didn't land any pigs on this trip but as with any Knott Creek outting, just about every fish was between 16in to 24in and they were many.

No post would be complete without a little fish porn.
BRFC Knott Creek BRFC Knott Creek 3
The bite was good at night too. BRFC Knott Creek 4
Steve's first fly rod fish BRFC Knott Creek 6
A standard Knott Creek Res Tiger Trout BRFC Knott Creek 8
Kellen with a last minute Tiger on our way out BRFC Knott Creek 9
King Lear Peak (Jackson Range) on the way home BRFC Knott Creek 11
Can't wait til next year.

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