Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pyramid - March 3 2013

Sunday we headed out to Pyramid for a morning on the water. We started out at Indian Head beach around 6:45. When I drove up there was only one other gent at the spot and he was in the middle of releasing a good fish. He had been having pretty good since first light throwing a black foam beetle that he had fashioned out of a size 8ish black woolly worm. My arrival was the kiss of death. No more fish from that point on save for one that we were able to pull in but didn't take a picture of.


As usual we made the move to Shot Dog around 9:30 and the action was much the same there. Tom did pull in a nice hen on a 4ish olive sparkle bugger but other than that, it was dead and that was much the report from everyone we talked to. In contrast, folks fishing from boats were having noticeably better luck judging by their hoots and hollers. The trip told us two things:
1. Get out there early (duh)
2. Fishing deeper water (about 100 yards off shore) yields the better results right now.

Heres a shot of Tom's Fish Pyramid Lake - Indian Head Beach - March2013-1

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  1. Its about damn time I see some updates here. Got your blog favorited just for a consolidated look at the flows. How bout some river stuff? Leave the Mid for the older guys for now, the river is where its at. Pyramid will get prime again in another month or so.