Friday, December 26, 2014

East Truckee River - Monday December 22nd 2014

Kellen and I have the week off and decided to shift our focus to the Truckee since Pyramid has started to slow down and the river has returned more reasonable levels.  Prior to Monday morning, the river had been steady around 200 CFS at the Reno marker.  With that said, we had some snow the week prior followed by very mild day time temps.  When I checked the water clarity @ vista on Sunday afternoon it was pretty good with the flows at 209.  Monday morning we got on the water at about 7:30 or so and the water seemed a little dirty but not bad.  Looking up at the sky, it looked like the entire Truckee River was basking in morning / mid-day sun except for the section we were on which was stuck in cloud shadow all day.  From morning til eve we only had a few takes but nothing that produced a catch.  We were sticking with the 18-22 midge patterns and birds nets but no joy on the section below USA Parkway or McCarran Ranch. 

By the time we got off the water it had become noticeably more stained and upon checking, the flows had shot up to almost 350CFS.  Suffice to say, our timing sucked!  We figured their must have been some melt contribution to the flows but it looks like the little Truckee outflow had been boosted a little bit too.  We are going to hit the McCarran section again tomorrow and hopefully catch more than a nice day out of the house.  Flows at the Reno marker have leveled off around 250 and the water clarity at the Lockwood nature path park was real good this afternoon.  Hopefully we'll have some fish porn to post tomorrow.


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