Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pyramid Lake - President's Day Weekend - February 2015

If you were looking for a day of amazing weather and a record flat Pyramid Lake, this was the weekend to be on the water.  On Saturday I went out solo to hit the North Nets again and dropped by the census station to see if they had any good reports. Generally speaking, no one was reporting a whole lot of activity on any of the beaches aside from one report that did have a hell of an active morning coming from South Nets but they were the only ones who kicked any sort ass according to the census.  I ignored the report and carried on to North Nets because that's where my brain wanted to go.  I was on the water in my pontoon at about 1:30 and man, it was flat.  I didn't feel a breath of wind until about 6 when I was getting off the water and temps were starting to cool off.  

Neither myself nor anyone that I could see was doing any good until about an hour before dark at 5pm-ish.  Between 5 and 5:30 I hooked up once and I noticed two other heads stripping buggers from ladders haul one in and very little activity beyond that.  The moon phase is right but the weather is just too nice to provide wide-spread success.  While the bite was slow, my fish at 5:30 hit the tape at about 29 inches making it my first (probable) 10 pounder out of pyramid after 30 years of casting.  It was a terrific way to end the day.  The cell phone pics I took out in the pontoon only haunt me because they are so bad, blurry and make me wonder if I miss measured the length so I won't even post em! It was a heavy fish though and one I'll never forget even though the fight was pretty wimpy - but 11 lb test tippet on an 8wt fast action rod does tend to tame the beast a bit.

Over to Sunday, a couple of buddies fished the South Nets and had an 8 fish morning while another group of buddies fished Indian Head Saturday night and Sunday morning resulting in a one fish trip.


1. Don't go to South Nets, I'll be there holdin it down for you this coming Sunday.  Instead, go to North Nets and make sure the bite still sucks.  Take one for the team.
2. Early, late, don't get your hopes up but the fish may smile yet upon you.  Mid-day, take a nap.
3. My sample size wasn't huge but 100% of the fish I caught late in the day dragging big marabou streamers on the bottom were 10 pounders.  All one of em.
4. Again, sample size not factored, 100% of the fish caught were not on the standard midnight cowboy trailing a beetle but on size 4 chub pattern streamers employing a healthy serving of marabou and bunny strips as seen here.  I also kept with the spinner blade addition mentioned in our post from last week.
5.  I didn't mention it in the body of the post, but I did see a couple of random cruisers in about 10 feet of water mid day and one of them was the largest non-mammal sea creature I have ever seen in the wild.  The mid-day cruisers were probably a sign of the random nature of the feeding pattern throughout the course of the weekend.  Fish are in and out all day long but the more reliable activity is early and late in the day.

As a final note, I paid a visit to the Truckee River near Spice Island on Sunday afternoon just to check conditions.   At the time, the water was still a bit off color but flows returning to the pre-flush levels.  Reno marker showing 390 CFS as of the time of this writing.   Check the Flows Page for current conditions.   Stained, higher flows are great conditions for swinging streamers through current.

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