Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pyramid Lake April 11th / 18th

The past couple of weekends we've done the Pyramid routine with everyone else.  By and large its been slow due to the really nice weather with most of the activity coming in the first hour of the day and then again around maybe five or six in the evening.  The fish are still in shallow cruising in sight of the ladders ( and well behind too) so they'll keep you interested.  Day by day the tactic or color of choice seems to change but the trusty blacks and whites seem to be what you'll hear most guys mentioning being the dish on buggers and beetles while Mahalo Nymps and any variety of size 12 midge (primarily reds) seem to be keeping pace under indicator.  Last weekend was a bit different, there was a period between about 10 and noon when it was on fire.  There was a gent next to us who spent a solid hour catching fish on literally every cast soaking nymphs.  It was almost enough to just watch him like a TV show.

Haven't hit the river in a while but reports have been good.  I did notice from the USGS flow charts that the Truckee River dipped down to 46 CFS (At Reno Marker) at 11:30 this past Friday (4/17) which is a number I've not seen on the Truckee as long as I've been paying attention and according to the USGS page, may actually be the lowest in that gauges history.  Hard to believe that because I seem to remember a period back in the 80s where the river was damn near dry over by Galletti way.  I could be wrong though, it probably wasn't the 80s even, my memory sucks and I was young. 

Regardless, the river is back up to about 140CFS now and fished good for the kids on sunday evening, though we were only targeting largemouth bass in slow back water east of town.  I think this summer we'll all have to learn how to target carp with a fly.  Something I didn't think I would ever do on purpose, but after doing a little reading sounds fun.  Might even have to use a bow to do it once or twice.

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