Saturday, December 26, 2015

Busy and Lazy 12/26/2015

The last couple of months have been busy but we were able to make it out to the lake a few times since our last post.  the trips didn't produce anything note worthy so a post didn't find its way up.  Now that we have found our selves in a nice weather pattern the river has come up and its time to get back in to it.  Fly fishing the Truckee river east of Reno during the winter time is one of my favorite ways to use a weekend afternoon.  Sleep in, get a couple chores done then suit up and head out around 10am.  From my experience the best time to fish the Truckee during winter conditions tends to be 11am - 2pm during a stable weather pattern.  The pay off can be great.  I can't think of too many times when we've gone out and absolutely slayed em but the size of the fish is generally much better.  I was listening to the Reno Fly Shop's pod cast talking to Gilligan and he summed it up pretty well - big fish have to eat even when it's cold and they gotta do it every day.  Smaller fish just don't need to eat near as much and that's why you'll catch fewer fish in the cold months but they'll be bigger.

My wife kicked me down a waterproof GoPro for X-mas this year and with any luck I'll get it wet tomorrow afternoon.  Not sure what water clarity is like right now since the flows have jumped all the way up to 500 CFS at the Vista gage and are now back down around 200.  We'll let ya know what we see.