Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pyramid Lake - January 24th 2016

Back on Sunday we kept the streak alive and hit Pyramid Lake again.  The creel station on the Pyramid Highway has been receiving good reports from the Nets so we figured we'd give the south beach a try.  End of January in to February is when the Nets beaches start to turn on, and this year is no different.  Brandon and Karen got out to the beach early ( I was stuck on chores all day) and it didn't take long for texts to start showing up with news of a hot bite.  All told I think they landed about 25 fish, stripping black buggers and white buggers was the claim to fame.  All those pics made it impossible for me to stay productive on chores so I loaded up and headed out for the evening bite.  It stayed consistent all afternoon until dark, adding another 6 landed and probably lost about twice that.  Slow to moderate retrieve, dragging black or white buggers on the bottom was the move. Beetles and boobies probably would have had the same results but it was one of those "if it ain't broke don't fix it" scenarios.  We didn't hawl in any giants but a grip of 24inch cuts with a few 5 or 6lb kickers is a tough thing to complain about.  

The other interesting thing was the weather or more specifically the pressure pattern.  We had a few Sundays in a row with the exact same pressure pattern (and very similar weather patterns) where Sunday was a day of rising pressure after a storm, the graph on Intellicast was almost identical but the bite was considerably different.  The wind direction was also different, almost directly out of the east, right in our face.  You always hear advice on pyramid to the tune of crappy weather makes for good fishing and focus on beaches with the wind in your face.  This sample isn't large enough to confirm it but we can certainly give some credence to the concept. 

This Sunday's forecast is calling for snow, winds to 10MPH out of the north west and steady low pressure for most of the day until around 4 or 5 when the pressure is predicted to start rising. Guess we'll just have to sacrifice another sunday on fishing, for science!

Here's one of our bounty, see if I can't find some of the other shots from the day too.


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