Monday, October 28, 2013

Pyramid Lake - October 27

It's been awhile since any of us have posted. Babies have now absorbed our bachelor lives, and eaten up any ounce of free time most of us once had. I finally had the opportunity to get out to Pyramid for a day of fishing, and convinced another one of my "new dad" friends to make the trek with me.

We got out to the lake around 7 am, and I spent 30 minutes off the tailgate of a truck trying to get my gear rigged up. "Rusty" doesn't fully explain how long it's been since I tied a fly to my leader. Steve had his gear rigged up already, and as we pulled up to Popcorn Rock, we immediately noticed some fairly large fish feeding on the surface. He grabbed his gear and hit the beach while I fumbled around with flies and leaders, and had this Hog to shore before I even got my waders on:

We measured this cut at 26 inches. We didn't have a scale handy, and yes, that is a stringer attached. This baby is going in the smoker!

We saw quite a bit of surface action, but they wouldn't take the nymphs and buggers I was throwing. We spent a 3 hours at Popcorn and moved on to Sandhole for another 2 hours with no other fish to hand. The weather was gorgeous though, and it was a great day to be fishing.

Having checked the weather reports, we knew it was going to get windy, so we packed up and headed back around 12:30 pm. Just in time to beat the 60 mph gusts. The lake was glass for most of the morning though, and there weren't many watercraft out an about due to the wind advisory for the afternoon. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pyramid - March 3 2013

Sunday we headed out to Pyramid for a morning on the water. We started out at Indian Head beach around 6:45. When I drove up there was only one other gent at the spot and he was in the middle of releasing a good fish. He had been having pretty good since first light throwing a black foam beetle that he had fashioned out of a size 8ish black woolly worm. My arrival was the kiss of death. No more fish from that point on save for one that we were able to pull in but didn't take a picture of.


As usual we made the move to Shot Dog around 9:30 and the action was much the same there. Tom did pull in a nice hen on a 4ish olive sparkle bugger but other than that, it was dead and that was much the report from everyone we talked to. In contrast, folks fishing from boats were having noticeably better luck judging by their hoots and hollers. The trip told us two things:
1. Get out there early (duh)
2. Fishing deeper water (about 100 yards off shore) yields the better results right now.

Heres a shot of Tom's Fish Pyramid Lake - Indian Head Beach - March2013-1

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pyramid Lake Provides

Pyramid Lake has been a mystery this year, I have not had the chance to make it out to the lake 1 time yet. Some of the other so-called contributors to this site have been able to make it out but they lack the motiviation to post for you viewers. BRFC now stands for Brandon's Review of Fish Catches. So long old friends. Now to the fishing, as is the case in February the mornings are bone chilling cold and by mid morning it is somewhat tolerable on the ol' mitts. After a delicious BK breakfast sandwich and some coffee we were headed to one of our favorite spots only to see it filled with early risers. We decided to turn the rig around and head north of Pelican to another good location with some deeper water. After about 30 minutes of casting feathers into the abyss I hook up with a very lethargic wet rag of a trout. No offense to the trout. It was a nice male and the day was looking up, however it wasn't so and that was to be the only fish to hand for the day. He took a green #4 bugger being stripped as slowly as you can. reports are that guys have been getting them on nymph rigs when the weather permits. We will be out Sunday, hopefully we can get more than a single this time. V__CEBC

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Lot of Back Country - A Little Fly Fishing

Its been a while since I have posted, but rest assured that it is not a product of not fishing, but rather a different kind of fishing. My spring this year has been spent on the deck of a bass boat fishing tournaments against fellow BRFC contributor Bob. When the new site launches we will have a bass fishing section as well as other sections pertaining to our love of the outdoors so all of our adventures can be followed. In the meantime here is a quick story about a trip i recently took on a section of the Tahoe Rim / Pacific Crest Trail to search for some little rainbows... or something. The trip started off a month ago with a friend suggesting that we begin hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail in sections for some over night back country fun. I immediately decided this would be a great opportunity to see a few new places and drag the fly rod along as well to try and catch a few new fish. The research immediately took the path of finding a section of trail that would offer us at least some degree of fishing possibilities while also providing some great views and a moderately challenging ascent. We chose the section from Big Meadows to Echo Summit deciding on an over-night stop at Showers Lake. There are 3 lakes on (or slightly off) this trail which all hold fish. In hindsight it would have been alot of fun to make a 2 nighter out of this and had been able to fish them all. This wasnt that trip. We made our way to Showers Lake about 8 miles in from the trailhead, we got an early start as we heard this was a popular place to set up camp for the folks through hiking the section, and it lived up to its reputation. We were fortunate enough to score a nice lakeside camp which gave us quick access to the fishing and the mosquitos quick access to our skin. After multiple applications of 99.5% deet we were ready. P1020525 Fishing would have been much better if we had any foot protection for the very sharp DG in that lake. Alot of the fish were stacking just off the drop off about 60ft from shore. The lake's shore was full of brush preventing much of a back cast so we were targeting the random cruisers we could reach in about 5ft of water. As such the hookups were few and the landing less. We did manage 1 trout to hand with Dan and I each losing 1 or 2 fish. WP_000040 Had we been able to get out and nymph or cast beyond the shelf it would have been a good day. Showers lake itself is only maybe 2 or 3 acres MAX and can feel crowded, but if you can get your line wet they will surely eat most offerings. This is part of the Upper Truckee River watershed I believe and as such there are limits on bait, and you must use single barbless hooks. Check with DFG before heading out as we saw a number of people that appeared to be breaking these rules. P1020541

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knott Creek Reservoir 6/21-24/2012

This past weekend a few of us took a long weekend up to Knott Creek Reservoir.  This is one of those trips that we don't get to do but maybe once a year due to the drive but it is always well worth the effort.  Kellen left before the rest of us on Thursday morning and had some rig problems, breaking down in the middle of the Black Rock Desert is always a good time.  He was able to figure out was was wrong, hiked to a mine and called the Ford dealership in Reno and bought the replacement part.  I was having breakfast with my wife that morning and got a call from him asking that we swing by Reno Ford and pick the part up at the parts dept.  The rest of us ended up meeting him on the planned road on the east side of the Black Rock Desert and put our six brains together to become a minor diesel mechanic. 
3 working Toyota's and a broke down Ford

Hearing a diesel engine fire up never sounded so good.  We got back on track and landed in camp at about 6pm.
BRFC Knott Creek 2

The following three days were days that you wish you could live over and over again.  The days were lazy and the fishing was good.  The afternoons topped out in the mid 70's with overnight lows in the low 40s to high 30s.  We had great relaxing / sleeping weather.  By about 10am each day the wind picked up so bad that it was difficult to stay on the water so we'd retire to camp for a couple hours of bullshittin.  Even in the wind the fish were surfacing all day and we'd drunk stagger down to the shore for some mid day nymph soaking.  Copper Johns and red, pink, or black midges did the trick under an indicator.  Stripping wooly buggers in just about any color worked well from the pontoon boats but the midnight cowboy was the MVP.  We didn't land any pigs on this trip but as with any Knott Creek outting, just about every fish was between 16in to 24in and they were many.

No post would be complete without a little fish porn.
BRFC Knott Creek BRFC Knott Creek 3
The bite was good at night too. BRFC Knott Creek 4
Steve's first fly rod fish BRFC Knott Creek 6
A standard Knott Creek Res Tiger Trout BRFC Knott Creek 8
Kellen with a last minute Tiger on our way out BRFC Knott Creek 9
King Lear Peak (Jackson Range) on the way home BRFC Knott Creek 11
Can't wait til next year.